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I was wondering if anyone has a special diet or menu that they follow for hepatitis c. ie what cooking oils to use,
if you can eat meat, if you can eat fruit, etc. would anyone help me with this a husband has it.
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I don't know much as I am new on this forum, just joined the beginning of March.  I haven't gone through tx yet either, but here goes.  My hands and feet swell, so I stay away from salt.  Also, I eat meat, but I try to stay away from fried foods.  I really don't know the reason other than they're greasy and maybe harder on the liver than other foods.  As far as the cooking oil, I think peanut oil, virgin olive oil.  You know what?  As far as what kind of oil, I don't know.  God Bless
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If oil, olive oil, the more virgin, the better. Pretty sure peanut oil is really bad saturated fat. Canola is second to olive, use mayonnaise made with Canola. Get protein from plants, meat protein causes the liver to release ammonia as a byproduct of digestion. (pretty sure, not positive).
Sodium is no good for anyone unless they medically require it. It will raise anyone's blood pressure. Try to go organic if you can because it is the liver that cleans the garbage out. Try not to eat either carbohydrates only or protein only. Combine them so that neither one spikes and freaks the liver out. High glycemic sugar is another liver spike to try and avoid. Review your vitamin A intake, it is oil soluable and this weighs down the liver. I guess just make sure you don't eat too much fortified food. You don't need the folic acid unless you are pregnant(but that is another story for another bedtime). The researcher that hangs out on this forum says to eat 6-7 small meals, instead of 3 big ones.

The word "alchohol" should no longer be in your vocabulary. No ifs ands or buts.
Overweight also stresses the liver.
Smoking pot is a no no, it speeds up fibrosis.
That's it for now. That's my post for the week. Someone else should jump in here and add their 2 bits.

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I agree with some of the above in oils, i also  use Coconut Oil.
It is expensive but very good for your health
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I copied this from a post by Gauf:

Liver friendly diet.       ( by Gauf)
Organic and free range foods.
These should be chosen whenever possible to avoid added hormones and chemicals.

Whole grains.
Whole grains contain natural fiber, slow down sugar absorption from carbohydrates and help to lower blood lipid levels.
Some examples are brown rice, whole oats, whole wheat, whole rye, quinoa and amaranth.
Artichokes. Consume steamed artichokes 3 to 5 times per week. Do not add butter or mayonnaise.
Berries and grapes. These are high in natural antioxidant properties. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Raw or lightly steamed retains the highest amount of nutrition and vitamins in the food.
Garlic. Raw garlic contains a component that is naturally antiviral. Consume 2 to 4 cloves daily. Avoid garlic if you are on protease inhibitors as it interferes with drug effectiveness.
Whey protein powder. This can be combined in a smoothie with frozen fruit and juice for adequate protein intake. Substitute with soy or rice protein for people if you have dairy allergies.
Nuts and seeds. Consume one serving of raw nuts a day. Roasting nuts changes some of the beneficial properties found in the nut oil.
Filtered water. Reverse osmosis or filtered water removes any chemicals occurring in the water supply.
Green tea. Consume 2 to 4 cups daily for antioxidant and cancer prevention properties. Avoid before bedtime if you are sensitive to caffeine.
Chicory tea. Consume 2 to 4 cups per day as a substitution for coffee. Chicory is also naturally beneficial to the liver. (Mix one-half to one full teaspoon per cup filtered hot water).
Ginger tea. This is helpful with controlling nausea.
Turmeric. Turmeric is a spice that gives food a wonderful yellow color. It is widely used for natural anti-inflammatory properties and can be added freely during meal preparation. Milk thistle seeds. These may be purchased in bulk at herb stores. Seeds can be ground in a coffee grinder (hint: Don't use the same coffee grinder you use for coffee) and liberally sprinkled on salads, soups, vegetables, whole grain cereals and in smoothies. Do not cook as this decreases effectiveness.
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I think this posts of gaufs, should be re posted often! It is so comprehensive and such a good general guideline!

Thanks again for  this!
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Thanks for your input, I didn't think I'd be getting such a response.

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