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So the Dr yesterday said i can stop treatment after i finish this week and the only reason going through this week because im already in it! Yay! So done by my birthday which is Sept 2 nd im pretty excited.
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Hey Ninja!  Congrats on EOT!  Just curious though wouldn't that put you at 27 weeks of tx?  I thought you started Feb 25?  I must have my dates wrong.  

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That's a mighty enviable position you're in!!  You made it!!!  Hope your birthday is an awesome one!!

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Congratulations on completing your treatment. Well done. Enjoy your freedom of the taking meds drill and hope that your recovery from them is fast and swift. Great news  :)
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Good New!  I look forward to catching up with you
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  Go ninja, go ninja, go ninja, it's your birthday!!!  Wow, you made it thru :)
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Good timing Birthday Doll!!  How is the view up there on your mountain of achievement through teeth pullen, family novelas, ER rooms, death, challenge, migraines, draggon your azzz all over the place?  Too tired to look?  How did you do it?  

So glad that is over for you my fellow amazon warrior - I enjoyed you beachen most of all  = : )   I am really proud of your conviction and generous spirit Sweetie.  Goooooooood Job!!!
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What a nice BDay Gift!  Congrats to you and finishing up! Best wishes for a swift recovery :)
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Congratulations ! You've not had the easiest time of it yet you stuck it out.
Happy Hep C free birthday to you !
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congrats on your EOT.  i'm very happy for you.  belle
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It is wonderful that you are at EOT. Now on to SVR.
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