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"energy" multi vitamins...

I feel very crappy and tired most of the time from this, I guess, and was pumping my body full of energy vitamins-which actually helped!  did I screw up my liver more from taking these?  sometimes 3-4 a day for a while there!
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All I know is my doctor told me to take a multi-ivitamin without iron.
Too much iron can damage your liver.

You liver filters everything you eat and even what you breathe.

The main symptom of hep C is fatigue. You may get an energy boost but you aren't dealing with the cause of your fatigue.

My advice, drink coffee, lots of it. Coffee is good for your liver.
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your kidding-coffee is good for your liver?
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I know it seems odd but there is research supporting it.
Some medical progessionals still go by the old way of thinking, assuming coffee is bad.

Patients with chronic hepatitis C and advanced liver disease who drink three or more cups of coffee per day have a 53% lower risk of liver disease progression than non-coffee drinkers according to a new study that will be published in the November issue of the Journal Heptatology.
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