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food tastes bad

I just dont know what to eat anymore, it seems after the first bite everything tastes pretty bad, has anyone had any luck with certain foods?  
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Yogurt, cashews, PB&J. (Good PB&J - whole grain toast, quality peanut butter, and whole fruit jelly.)
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Isn't that odd Mary?

My tastes have changed completely since I started treatment. I used to love spicy, exotic foods, now the thought of them turns me off.

Sweets seem to help. I try not to eat garbage sweets with empty calories, but I do treat myself to ice cream on a regular basis (my excuse - its got lots of fat, great for taking Riba with haha). I love vegatables anyhow, been eating a lot of butternut squash, sweet potatoes, things like that.

I used to love salads too. Haven't had an appetite for one since I started TX 30 weeks ago.

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I just had a turkey burger and that tasted OK, eating does seem to help overall if I'm feeling nausea
Your food choices really sound good,  
The day after the shot seems the most difficult, I'm glad its my day off.  next wk will be 12 weeks, I give you all a lot of credit (to bad you cant take it to the bank) for seeing this treatment through
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yogurt of the full fat variety with thawed frozen raspberries and a bit of maple syrup was my favorite, but any smoothie seemed good with dairy, milk or yogurt or both. meat was a no as were green things. yellow and orange good. small bits frequently. peanut butter was good even in a banana smoothie. also kefir was good but expensive. just a few thoughts... i feel your pain. good luck
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I lived for the latter part of tx on pretty much smoothies and applesauce. Eating didn't appeal to me at all, but I knew I had to get some protein in me on a regular basis. The applesauce was gentle on my stomach and the coolness was easy on the mouth sores I had at the time.

RobertBeWell, I had the same experience with salads and to this day, almost one year post, I still don't care for them as much as I did pre-tx - and some veggies still make me gag, like broccoli.

Kefir, like Babs suggested, is good too and comes in many delicious flavors now. When I got too bad, I had to drink Ensure and the like, but it grows on you after a while.

Hang in there, Mary!  Pam
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Even though I'm early in treatment, my food tastes are changing rapidly.  I am finding Bolthouse Farms or Naked smoothie drinks are good and they are boosted with extra vitamins, etc.  I have been craving raw crunchy vegetables but the strangest is sliced radishes with sea salt which seem delicious to me.  My taste for coffee is about gone and I was a coffee connoiseur.  Meat is out at this point but hummus is in.  Go figure - I may go vegan if it weren't for needing ice cream.
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I ended up making milkshakes with carnation instant breakfast with ice cream and milk.  Was easy to slurp down, and it stayed down.  Didn't have to chew and no problem with it gagging me.  I ended up finding anything with some nutrition that just kind of slid down.
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Ice Cream was my best friend. There was also Phantom Smells. I would smell things that no one else could smell.
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Ice cream is too creamy for me, I'm afraid the dreaded phlegm will come back took me 3 mos. to get over it.
I smelled some chicken the other day and I thought I would lose it.
potatoes seem OK, Had a turkey burger tonite that was OK,   sometimes I'll get a bean burrito w/ a little cheese, tomato and avocado and munch on that for 2 days.
i get these packaged noodles at Trader Joe w/ satay and p'nut sauce and that works.  I dont think I'm getting great vitamin value, but these meds are at the pinnacle of things right now, so I'm not gonna worry to much about nutrition.  Water yes,    I'm sure I do better nutrition wise than a huge portion of the population, some people are eating dirt..... while GE & Verizon pay no federal taxes, oh thats another matter.
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"some people are eating dirt..... while GE & Verizon pay no federal taxes, oh thats another matter. "

Don't think about that when you are trying to eat - they just don't go well together ;*).  
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Oh my, if you can eat a satay with peanut sauce, you're doing alright! I can't eat it in the best of times.

It gets down to pretty much what you can get down and keep down. If it's nutritional, all the better, but sometimes anything palatable with calories will have to do.
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Ice cream, smoothies, frozen yogurt and fat free fudgicles were my favorites. I could eat ten fudgicles a day I remember that now.

PB&J was my 'food' staple -  heck gotta get that good fat for the riba.
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theres something about the noodles and the sauce is not very spicy or anything its one of those quick meals for some reason it works OK right now.  I guess everything right now is a bit of a push, I have my 12 wk. with the doc on Tues. so hopefully the labs are good and it will all be worth while.
Susan,  sorry bout the dirt, I'm a bit concerned about the state of affairs in the world as are most and I just blurt it out sometimes.  got to get into practicing turning negative into positive.
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Glad to hear it helps, Mary. And good luck on Tuesday with your labs.

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maybe a little pot might help you eat a healthier diet...good luck with your tx....billy
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You may want to try clam chowder -or any kind of thick soup with protein in it. I recall eating a lot of nuts, chowders, and cantaloupe -or any melon or with a sprinkle of salt...Peach crisp also went down well (and its very good with ice cream!)
Working dog may have something in his suggestion. My liver Dr offered pot (capsules) as an appetite stimulant if I needed something. I did not need it, but I have taken care of tons of patients who have, and felt better afterwards. Hang in there and I'll wish energy and wellness your way! ~MM
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I really do not want to take one other pill right now.  I had a toaster waffle this morning with whole milk yogurt, strawberries and 1/2 banana, coffee.
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Like dsert, yogurt and pb&j's were a constant. Like RGlass.....I lived on Breyers!
My sis would chuckle coming into my room as I'd have chips, cookies, JUNK and I never even used to buy that stuff, but thru tx I ate anything that sounded good. Plus the lack of energy to really cook, I ate anything I could grab from a bag. Apricot nectar was my best friend, helps nausea and upset stomach. And smoothies I am sure is what sustained me the most.
No wonder I am one of few that gained weight on tx!

Feel better Mary and the best of wishes for your tx, Lauri
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I lived on goat milk yogurt and fresh pineapple during my 6 months of TX.  I planted all the pineapple tops, and I now have about 100 plants!  (I ate one per week, along with 2 quarts of yogurt)
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wow, what a great idea, I love Hawaii,,,,
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I have to agree with working dog and medicmommy. After weeks of nausea and not finding any food appealing, I tried pot and I credit it with helping me get through treatment while working full time. If you don't put good food in you don't get energy to put out. It also calmed the riba rage which I had in abundance.
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I'm just trying to eat a somewhat healthy normal diet now.  I make these shelton chicken sandwiches (their breaded) for work lunch and that seems to carry me through the day.
I love blueberry soda, and I do the yogurt with fruit.  
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Hi there, I too lost my appetite due to how tastes, smells and textures of food. Somply put "food grosses me out". I have just been completely shut off of treatment 5months into a years regamine(s.i.c.).
I am "dangerous" malnourished believe that"!!!
What ever you do try your hardest to eat small meals thru out the day, also try to drink ensures, boosts, or carnation instant breakfasts etc... atleast 2 a day with your meals if possible, These are great sources for getting necessary supplements as well. Plus it is easier for me to drink than chew, that way I am not getting grossed out from tastes, textures etc...
Goodluck dearheart!
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I've been adding a little emergencE to my water and really trying to get at least 60 oz down right now then I will try to move up.
I made a large pot of vegey soup, thats something I can heat up at night, add a little yogurt,
I try to nurse a sandwich in the afternoon,
I've taken 2 days off to rest and drink and eat whenever I want then back to work tomorrow.
I hope you all get the colories and nutrition you need.
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