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help mechanic???

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I did exactly that with my Chevy Nova back in ...oh...1982, 1983??  The ignition broke.  I had this long screwdriver, about 16" long.  I went to gas up and the fellow at the pump kept chatting at me when he was done and I finally couldn't wait any longer, pulled out the screwdriver and started my car.  Should have seen the look on his face.  Smiled, waved goodbye and carried on.  I think I drove it that way until we got another car and I sold it that way..LOL!  For $200 - the guy was okay with it for what he wanted it for.  

Thanks for the memories...LOL!  :)
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     Ha ha...Yep ive done that too. with 80's cars and older,,however I have been told it wont work, I think it should work...got grease on my key board now...im about to start ripping cheap plastic off the colume...That will bring down the value im sure????  I always leave my keys in ignition...last time i drove it was Wenday..before last...got fire wood..left keys built fire...now keys gone right out of my yard....So now I got a 1963 or had a beautifull 63 chev. Burnt in my yard and a 96 (that I had to fix cause of my torched 63) van w/no keys....Im going to get the meaniest dog I can find...And hope it does not attack my critters, horses, chickens cats and the likes
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got de plastic off, little gorilla glue when Im done and it will be good as new...theres a bunch of junk under there..6 star special tool with a nub in the center..so my tool would need a hole drilled into it...
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Just a wee note for you....non-medical stuff like this gets posted on the Social side.  One of the moderators can move it for you.  

Good luck with that ignition. :)
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thanks. also googled hot wire de van and FB the question...Got de problem solved....Mechanic is comming over tomorrow with a used ignitiontumbler/ignition switch..  Turns out on these later modle crack-head cars. They have anti theift screws on em . Thats a six star with a nub in the center...I was desperate and thinking about getting my drill out and trying to drill a hole in the center of one of my six star...but the steal would of been too hard, no vice, and no drill bit sm enough... Its times like these not only do I say the cars of today will never be worth tomorrow, what the cars of yesterday are worth today...And there soo much easier to work on...Still dont see why I couldnt just beat out that ole switch, my concern was the stearing wheel lock...I wish I were a car theif... Nothing like a phyco (yea certified) stalking neighbor! she told me she stalked a girl for 2 months. to ix-nay the girl.... My mechanic said to run her over..I said do I really want to go to jail now???? He said tell em you did'nt see her behind the cow. lol....Ya ought to see my 63 chevy truck. That was ablaze like 20 minutes after I escorted her from my yard last summer... And life Goes on for me w/ no time for SX!
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The meanest dog you can find will no doubt chase if not eat your animals.  Try a well tempered dog that will protect "his" property.  It is instinct and much safer.
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How long have you been here?
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  Yea, I do worry about bad dogs...especially with a new colt due to arive soon as every year round this time... I have had born here aprox 50 young horses. maybe 125 goats and lambs. etc. I have down sized and will get no goats,lambs and I only have 1 mare left....  Yesterday I got a dozen fresh farm eggs ( I have strictly organic chickens i dont scratch em. they free range and the yokes are so orange and yummy)...grocery prices are going to go up real high real soon.  Usually I take care of bad dogs...so this one is comming soon. Its a bitting mutt..I dont have time to raise a pup...I use to raise blue heelers. there not an expensive dog. but they sell like hotcakes.. Im down to one good ole lab. the baby chicks can snatch the drool out of her mouth, she lays with them in the sunshine. she dont attack the horses, goat,lamb,cats chix,duck etc. she barks @ skunks,and all varmit and protects the chickens. Butt she likes people too much..So she is no good for keeping people away.. New dog will be on a run....  And I really should of posted this on the social side so im going to let this die....here..... The van..mech could not make it so I went and borrowed the tool and got the new switch. The van runs now and so do the whippers...I lost a little do=kicky that I didnt think mattered..Guess maybe it did...
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  I guess this did get moved...Yea...
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"...got grease on my key board now..."

Not to worry Blondie - I din't see any grease on my screen on this end. :-)
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