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how often to have one

How often are you supposed to have a liver biopsy?every 2 years or 3 years?anyway let me know
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Weekly - I like to stay on top of my liver histology.
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Hi Mike,

For someone with minimal liver damage and good CBC results - Complete Blood Count - doctors will usually say every 5 years.  For myself, waiting 5 years would not be something I'd personally be comfortable with, I'd be asking every 3 years but that's just me.  You can do a CBC once a year perhaps and while liver enzymes are not a reliable indicator of liver disease, they're often at least one of the indicators and if your liver enzymes start escalating, it might be worth scheduling one.  However, your doctor or hepatologist will have something to say about that.  

I hope your recent biopsy returns good results for you.
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Funny Michael Iwas just thinking today it had been too long since my last one - now I know why!  The way I figure it my last one was 316 weeks ago ............ way tooooo long!
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