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Tomorrow for first day of treatment is off.

I am on Pegassist for the Pegasys but my insurance company doesn't do pre-auths on JUST Copegus so the nurse has to put a pre-auth in for BOTH of them.  This does not mess me up for Pegasys but now we must wait. HealthNet might not auth me for Copegus and that means I will have to go back to Pegassist for help on that. This could take weeks. (I know I'm being negative).

So I have to wait for the nurse to make the pre-auth call, it takes 24-48 hours through HealthNet and so the window is missed for tomorrow or Saturday for treatment.  A week lost with rising viral loads.

I was mentally ready for tomorrow. I feel upset. Stupid, huh.

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Sorry about the delay. But it will be O.K. You can start in a week. The one thing this illness has taught me is PATIENCE. I was impatient all my life but not anymore.

I have above my stove the following quote: Lord grant me patience and I want it RIGHT NOW!

Things could always be worse. You could be blind, have a broken leg,  hep. C and HIV. That would be worse. We need to always count our blessings. I think you are going to achieve SVR. Think positive. Everything will be fine.

I had to start a day late because I froze my first shipment and ruined everything.

Best always,
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I think I just did my 16th shot. I have lost count. The point is one week is just one week. Your viral loads will not change so drastically over one week. I have some extra copegus but by the time I shipped them to you, another week will have passed.  I put off doing tx until I had my dental work done which in my case meant three weeks in Bangkok.  
    Take a deep breath and relax. It will be alright.
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I know how you feel, once I wanted to start tx, I couldn't wait! It was almost like waiting for my birthday or something, pretty silly, huh? Are you going through C2C for your meds? Where are you anyway, I know you are in CA somewhere, right? I have some meds left too, but a week most likely won't make much difference. I have Healthnet too, they sent me to a Pharm in Fla. The meds being sent don't take long at all, sometimes a day or two. I know it's hard to wait, but once you start you will forget all about that waiting you had to do...then the next questions will begin! LOL
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sorry about the delay, it must be frustrating to wait.

you went to bangkoc for dental work?  good deals there? or was that an inside joke i didn't get?
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Keep your chin up :)
Our prayers are with you.
My Hubby is also waiting on approval for treatment.
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Once you start and you see how long treatment TRULY is - you'll see how absolutely little difference it makes.

I too was put off two weeks to start (I hadn't had the eye exam -Doc never told me until just before I started) and I was MAD MAD out of my mind going crazy upset.

Everyone here was like Deb calm down it doesn't matter a BIT but ME oh no I knew better.

Once I did start................I was like wow they were right I had this sstupid disease all along, never knew and one WEEK didn't make ONE bit of difference in the world.

Don't worry a WHIT about your viral load it goes up and down all the time anyway.

Just say to yourself GOOD I have one more week to feel great and get some more stuff done before it (cause you certainly might not want to do stuff later).

Clean out drawers and closets and stuff like that NOW getting ready for spring in advance..............because once treatment starts...you might not have the energy to do all that.  For real. Take advantage of it while you still can!

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Not stupid at all.  You were all psyched out.  A week or so won't make a difference.  My daughter gave hubby and I a romantic get away weekend at a beautiful resort, for a Christmas present.  Hubby didn't want to start treatment right away in case he didn't feel well. Our reservation was for 2 weeks after he was to start treatment.  NP said, "No problem".  Won't make much, if any difference. Sorry for your let down, but time does fly quickly and the start date will be soon.

There's no stupid people in the world.  Only those afraid to ask.
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  I first went to Thailand in 1996 from Hawaii. A friend told me about her dentist in Bangkok.  She waits until she needs expensive dental work and then flies to BKK and our wonderful dentist. I've had crowns and recently my first implant with him. I've had a dentist who teaches dental school in L.A. praise his work. I don't have insurance and I do love Bangkok, any excuse and I'm on a plane.
  However you're right, it sounds like a joke.
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Hi Deb,
Just read your post. I have not started treatment yet, was diagnosed 3+ yrs ago. I have an appt with my hepatologist next month. I also have HealthNet as my ins.
Please explain what the ins co said to you ( sorry to be dense) I just want to have an idea of what some of my hurdles may be.
Do you have Prime or Standard? Why do you have to have prior auth.? Do we all have to recieve the meds thru the manufactorer, or is this by choice?
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LOL, my dentist is in Mexico, I do the same thing.  ;)
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