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it's about time

However, I think everyone should be tested.  My 16 year old son has the antibody and he is not a baby boomer.  

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I agree

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ditto to that.  belle
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It should be routine, for everyone.
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   I think they want the Baby-Boomers to get tested, because of the fact that blood transfusions were not tested for Hep C, until 1992.  So, back then, many people caught Hep C that way (and from the other ways, or course)
   These days, most HCV cases are from I.V. drug abuse, home-made tattoos and piercings, etc.
   Of course, there are off-spring of Baby-Boomers, who do or dont know they have HCV (maternal transmission is 5%), and sexual contact still accounts for 10% of cases, as well.
  I agree with you, that everybody should have the antibody test, it is cheap, and easy. Then, if they are positive, the more expensive test can be used
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