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anyone took lexapro before starting tx? if so did it help? what are the sideeffects i tried cymbalta...couldnt take it i was nausea and dirreahea i stayed in the bed it was horrible
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im taking celexa..its the only a/d i am able to take without a single sx. great pill.
only problem...you cant stop eating!!

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Forgot to mention Celexa is in the same family as Lexapro. However you have to realize everyone reacts completely different to these A/D's.
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I took lexapro and it worked for me. About the first week it upset my stomach but it was ok after that.
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I've been on Lexapro for YEARS. It helps me a lot.
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I take lexapro and so does my son.  We both find it helps us a great deal.  However, both lexapro and celexa can cause stomach issues for the first couple of weeks for some people.  My son had them.  However, he persevered, and what were really some pretty bad stomach issues went away after the first two weeks and he is really happy with the medication.  I think celexa may be the generic form of lexapro.  I say this because thats what the hospital has in their formulary for lexapro (I've been in there a lot lately and that's what they keep bringing me instead of my lexapro)
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I think Celexa and Lexapro are sister drugs, in that they are very similar..but I don't think one is the generic for the other...I could be wrong, god knows it's happened before... but I think that's what my psychiatrist told me, I've tried both and I wish it was just physical things I didn't like, it was more mental...I get very, very spaced out on them...(more then usual lol) and I'm hoping that maybe there is something out there that I can take...from what I know, people have to keep trying different ones till they find a keeper...and that they should give them adequate time to adapt, at least a a week or two, if you can...I want to try Cymbalta next, letsse I've tried Paxil and about 4 others...maybe I'm the type of patient that only benefits from them once I'm on treatment, there are people like that...and then once they are off treatment, they don't...this can play out differently on any one individual...I think you also need to be willing to put up with a few side effects, as long as they aren't too bad...as with most drugs...just my take...hope all goes well for you Kimmy//// now back to the elections!!!
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