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losing patience!

No question here, just venting. I feel like crying! Stil.waiting for biopsy results. Been over two weeks. I just hate not knowing. This past year has been a lot of tests and waiting for results. I'm tired of it all. I wish it would all just go away. Thanks for letting me vent.
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Lol make that move "on" not "out"   !!
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Very very frustrating, I know. Hard not to let it consume your life and daily energy. Figure out something soothing to you to say to yourself when every the thoughts pop in your head so you can acknowledge it and move out. repeat every five minutes if need be! Hang in there and I hope you receive your good news shortly. Hugs!
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This really shouldn't take this long.  I'd suspect many are gone during the holidays and not much is being accomplished with the available staff remaining.  Did you call the hospital directly to request a copy of your results?
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Thank you. I hate getting worked up over something I can't control. Waiting is just hard.
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My 8 week viral load went missing in action. The lab was swamped.
It took 3 whole weeks for my results to show up.

In my life, I try to deal with acceptance knowing to fret about what I can't change, only gets me upset.

But it can still be  frustrating  when there's nothing you can do but wait.
You have my empathy.
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