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my husband says i worry too much

A friend dies a couple of months ago from liver cancer, cirrohisis, lung cancer, and hep c which they say could be alcohol induced. He drank a lot, and was also diabetic. Well my questionis i seperated from my husband for a short time, and saw him briefly, we had sex a couple of times, and i dont even know if he ever really came more than once cause he was always drunk. Its been over a year or maybe even longer since this happened and i am back with my husband. About 6 months ago i started having pain in my pelvic area, my abdomen, and went to the er 3 times and they said i had ovarinan cysts. but ia m still in pain and sometimes it hurts on my right side, but then it does on my left side also. So I am scared i may have been exposed, but he went back to his long time girlfriend of over 10yrs and she was tested and came up negative, my husband says i am worrying over nothing, that it probably is still my ovaries cause i stil have pain there. I have had no other symptomsof heptitis c. I have also been on pain management for over 5 yrs so i think maybe the tylenol is catching up, it just been recently that i have felt this minor pain in my upper right side. I go to the doctor in a week, but ia m still worried.
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Wow I got a whole different picture from her post. The only thing I can say is get tested. Period. All the other stuff sounds like gobbly gook and bottom line...tests.
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I'm assuming when you say you might be "exposed" that you're referring to Hep C and that your husband has Hep C?

In any event, Dr. Ex Husband is probably the wrong person to get medical advice from. I'd first start with a good gynecologist who can follow up on those cysts. While there, why not ask for an STD panel at least for peace of mind, as well as a Hepatitis panel and HIV test.

-- Jim
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uhmmm...so he didn't *** more than once but he did *** once, correct ? So we are to assume he came anywhere from twice to hundreds of times and BOTH of your sides hurt or just one side hurts ? Are you friends with his girlfriend ? Perhaps you could talk to her about it and get some suggestions. Does her side hurt or do both of her sides hurt ? But, your husband says you are worrying over nothing so he's probably right.

At any rate, here is my suggestion. Years ago a friend of mine was trying to kick a really nasty drug addiction and wrote himself a post-it note that he set by his alarm clock. It simply said:


It never really worked but at least he had the awareness that that is what he needed to do.

Best of luck to you Anita
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sorry for your problems, sounds like you need a complete physical work-up with a gyno, and an internist (tell the internist to test you for all std's and all hepatitis, a complete liver panel...etc etc.If the internist doesn't or can't do this, go to a liver specialist then) see if they find anything at all...but keep going to specialists to rule things out. As far as your drunk husband and him going back to his girlfriend, good riddance for you. Let him be someone else's problem.

You might try an al-anon program though, sometimes we don't even realize that we have problems ourselves in just being in relationships like these for so many years. You'll find great support there and friends, it's really a great experience to go to al-anon. Just my take though. Good luck, hopefully you don't have anything serious and no hepatitis. Hepatitis is usually contracted blood to blood.
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