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need an aggressive HepC doc in FL

Hello, I am new to searching Hep sites but I need help; I am reading that many people are on the new triple meds for HepC or are preparing to begin them.  I cannot even find a FL doc who will prescribe Telapravir or Bocepravir, please respond. I am on Florida medicaid and willing to even relocate out of Fl to obtain excellent medical care/treatment to obtain the new FDA approved triple medication regimen for HepC genotype one patients.

Thanks everyone, from a desperate mommy in Fl.

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We have several great teaching hospitals in Florida that do clinical trials.  There's also Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville that does clinical trials.  The teaching hospitals with some really fine hepatologists are University of Miami (with Dr. Eugene Schiff) and University of Florida (with Dr. David Nelson).  It all depends on what part of Florida you live and which one of these is closest to you.  Contact them, or check out clinicaltrials.gov and search for Hepatitis C AND Florida.  That's what I do.  Susan400
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look into the university hospitals, call them, see if you can get signed up for a study,  I'm all pro studies right now because they are using the new drugs and there are some studies that are not using the SOC ( standard of care ) because they have so many side effects.  
Also I believe the studies follow up more frequently and you do get a more intense level of care.  Unless of course you find the greatest doctor out there,  I think Fl. also has shands that was heading up some studies.
Good luck, keep us posted
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I posted on the other side for you. Check it.


(Social side)
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