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officially discharged

Word came down from my hep doc today, my case has officially been discharged..done, that's it, finito!!!
A reminder of my trip-- late responder to Hep C G1A TX (undetectable @ week 18)-finished 72 weeks of extended treatment including high dose riba (20mg/kg/day) on 3/12/08 120 pegintron/1600mg ribavirin.

and a couple of side notes:

Happy (one day late birthday) to Zazza!!!!!

And just wanted to say thanks to everyone here, including medhelp. Lord knows I've voiced my opinion about Medhelp and it's usage (not always constructive criticism on my part) in the past.
But I did want to just say thank to medhelp and especailly to all of you here..The importance of the people here to my success can't be understated.. Thanks Proactive
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Think that should read Overstated not understated,,oh well, you get the point (g)
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Discharged rates right up there with SVR.  Your stats are very close to mine.  Gives me hope Pro.  You've helped so many of us as well.

Have a happy and healthy life.

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Congrats Proactive! Lord knows it's been a long journey for you. I wish the very best for you!
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It must be a nice feeling to know that your HepC is now history.

Thanks for talking me back into having those early PCR tests
They told me a lot more than I expected.

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You've treated forever! At least it seems that way to me......you are one of the nicest people here, I'm happy that you're officially D/Ced from active duty with the meds.
So glad the trip's over and surely you're home safe.
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Hey Pro

Good luck to you!  I'm in so much awe of all of you who go the great distance. I hope you have a wonderful post tx experience. I know we have some similar joint issues, so I wish you well with those too. We'll beat this thing and go on to be bionic!
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Thank you everyone for your well wishes, they are greatly appreciated.
Sunqueen, funny you should mention our "joint issues" (nicely put (g))
I've just begun to get the surgery ball rolling with the bone breakers up at Dartmouth medical and am shooting for mid Sept. I am pushing to see if they can replace both of my hips at the same time, if not, it will be one at a time I guess. Ran a battery of autoimmune tests last week and all came back negative, but did find out I tested positive for RF back in '05, so will have to delve into that a bit further at my preop appt. with the surgeon. All other blood tests, cbc's etc. came back in fine shape...HGB back up into the 16's, who'd a thunk it (g).

Again, I wish everyone the very best, I've been seeing flocks of geese flying overhead headed further north, so things are looking up!!
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Congratulations!!!! Finally done with this whole ordeal!

Best wishes, Marcia
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best of luck to you!  hg up to 16?!!!  i'm jealous!
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(not always constructive criticism on my part).....

lol....I'd break my glass walls if I threw stones :)

FABULOUS! I do assume that means SVR, done, over?? Never saw it put as discharged?

You were in my 'good ol days' here. So happy to see you are past it all, never to pop another Riba again! Can not even imagine 1600 mg Riba...OMIGOD, makes me shiver!!

Happy 'living again' Pro, you truly fought for it....hugs, LL
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Congrats Pro.

A word to the wise, watch out for them overhead geeses...
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Goofy, point well taken!! (LOL)
Lady Lauri, great to see you post, I sense some bit of normalacy
has returned to your life....fantastic!
CS, glad your early pcr's are giving you a good idea of your viral phasic decline....and it is looking great so far!! best of luck to you, you're off to an excellent start.
Sunqueen, we just have to cross one bridge at a time..
and to everyone else, again thanks for the kind remarks and I wish you all only the best in your pre,current, or post tx journeys....and life!

Think I will take some time to absord the last 3 year journey and prepare for the next one. So to steal a line from MacArthur,
"old soldiers never die, they just fade away"
;^) Pro
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Congratulations! I wish you the very very best.
Ive always read your posts!
Again congratulations in completing the long road of tx...

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Pro, congrats!!  Best wishes on your next journey.

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