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piano playing/instrument while on tx

for folks that play an instrument ...i was wondering if it got real tough while on tx to keep up with it...is playing an instrument aggravating because of impaired cognitive skills or was it or is it helpful ..is the commitment and endurance tough? thanks...billy
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I don't recall anyone mentioning anything about how treatment affected these skills.  I would assume it would depend on how good someone was to begin with, how much physical effort is required to play the instrument (piano or guitar vs a wind instrument, etc.).  A lot of people are able to carry on pretty well with a normal life during treatment and others are not.  It's one of those things that no one can predict.
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Hi Billy-

I play keyboards and saxophone. I have put the sax aside during tx because I am winded from treatment induced anemia and it is difficult to play. if one had no anemia it may be fine.

The keyboards are soothing and require a lot less effort for me. I may be a tad less dexterous then I was prior to treatment.  It's hard for me to tell after all this time on tx (37 weeks) if my mind is as alert as it once was. I am sometimes unsure what is tx related and what is just the way I am.

I would say the commitment and endurance are lacking as I just don't feel much energy for anything. Of course everyone has a different experience with tx. The first 2 months I felt a lot more energy.

What instrument do you play? You've been on the forum for a few years, have you not treated before and are thinking of going for it soon?

Take Care,
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I thought it would help my cognitive skills too  and I think it did  - plus it took  me to a "happy place" being stuck at home so much. However the developing neuropathy in my fingers made it excrutiatingly painful  to play (mando in my case) and I had to let it slide. At least I could still find solace in listening to music........
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I'd guess it depends on the instrument you play with.
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  dave...the sax is so tough...good for you...i play or try to play the piano/keyboard...i'm not good and learning but love it...i plan on tx with telaprevir hopefully summer or fall...it will be the first time on tx for me...i did think playing piano would be a neat thing to do while on tx..i've taken a couple hard shots in the head in the past so sometimes i wonder if some of my brain fog is from that or the hep..when i'm not rested enough things get real foggy even without tx...i'm really hoping i can play in my down time during tx...thanks for the input...billy
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I was chatting about brain fog with a memory expert once and he said the best thing to do for people who were having such issues is to learn a language or play an instrument because of the way it exercises the brain.  My job is highly analytical and I think that helped me while on treatment to contain the brain fog from being any worse than what it was.  I think playing an instrument also adds to great quality of life while on treatment also.  Easy way to give you some relief from it all for awhile and soothe your soul.  Multiple benefits.
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I think that I am in my 7th year now of learning acoustic guitar.  Only rarely have I not played for at least 2 hours a day.  At my age (52) I had a lot to learn - starting with being rhythmically challenged initially.  I am now in my 9th week of tx. and have skipped more days playing than ever.  In part because I now spend more time on the computer.  The other thing is that I get more frustrating trying to learn something new.  I do still love playing - it's just not as steady as it had been and the learning is a bit tougher.  Of course, I am one of those persons who never had much difficulty learning and now that I do, that is not too easy to take.  If you keep on challenging your brain you will be doing yourself a tremendous favor.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a huge SVR jam someday?
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I think playing or taking up piano while on tx is a great idea. You never know how much tx will effect your normal physical activities and having something more sedentary and calming to put your energy into gives you less time to think about the tx experience.

Good luck with the tx.

- Dave
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