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post tx trouble on social forum?

i'm wondering why when i posted a question about a problem i have had swallowing post tx ..my post got moved to the social side?? i'm not sure how to get a message to med help to ask why...its a very difficult little problem to deal with as choking is scary...just wonder what makes this question on the social side...in many years of being on this forum i don't think i've complained about anything or anyone to med help...billy
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I agree Billy.  This is clearly a topic related to the medical issues of HCV so not sure why it would be move to the social side.  I guess the mods can't get em all right, but I do believe since the announcement and changes, more members are getting used to visiting both sides for information and viewing.  

You can find a one of the threads that a moderator posted in and send them an email expressing your concern.  I'm sure you'll get a response.  And I agree with the others that the thyroid would be the first thing to examine and hopefully rule out.  Good luck.
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I have wondered why people seem to be complaining about things and ask that they be moved.  I often wonder who does that and surmise that it is the people who have been so supportive of moving several of these topics.

For me your post has to do with a medical issue, possibly a post TX issue.  It looks to me like it is in no way a social issue.  Who complained/notified and asked that it be moved and what is the justification for moving it?

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Hi there -

I apologize for the confusion, but we have moved your post to the medical side.

If you ever have a question, you can send me a PM, or any of our other moderators.

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Hi I just recently starting having the same problems, trouble swallowing, there seems to be a lump on my neck and I am having neck pain.  It has bee 3 and half months since I finished tx, was wonder if it could be tx related.
I was going to post a question regarding thyroid issues after treatment.  I remember that Deb had problems after.
Thank you
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I think there's a problem when some members digress so much  that the central topic which belongs on the hep C medical side, becomes filled with posts that belong on the social side.

Of course I speak only of my observation, and not of this thread in particular.
Maybe if  we all start telling people when they digress into chit-chat to take it over to the social side, this won't happen.  Maybe ?
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I think the whole BS about social and medical is getting out if hand if people's questions are being moved because other people on this site hit the b!itch button all the time. I hate that not everyone gets the answers they need and that some people get completely ignored. And on the swallowing thing I'm in treatment now and have that problem especially with my morning pills which I think is odd.
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Calm down.
I know you're on treatment, and the meds make us very emotional.

If you have a problem nobody's answered, maybe it's simply because nobody knows the answer.

Nobody knows why the mods switch some threads and not others. I would suppose they use their judgement. When I hit the abuse button on someone, they did nothing. They didn't agree with me, and that's okay.
It's not as simple as hitting the button.

As far as having trouble swallowing goes, my only thought is, are you drinking lots of fluids ? Maybe you need to be drinking more.

Good luck.

The mods are human and make mistakes too. They sent me a warning about insulting someone. When I asked who and what thread, they admitted that they'd been mistaken and rescinded the warning.

There's lots of horrible things in life, checking two sides of a forum doesn't really seem worth getting all worked up over.
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questions are being moved because other people on this site hit the b!itch button all the time.
There's a "***** " button ???
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"b!itch button"

Hey I think my wife has one of those, sure wish I could disable it.
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I used to think the same thing.  Unitl I realized that my mere existence was "the button".
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Now I know why my husband points the remote control at me and
"hits the button"  It does not appear to help him at all. :)
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Social/Medical ..I dont get it..  How is a post treatment goof like me suppose to deal with that...  A flip of the coin for me I guess.  Anybody got any good recipes?  
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