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rashes help!!

did anyone get a rash on their legs & feet? It doesn't itch, it looks like little red freckles, I have tried to find this as one of the many side effects to the injections,but no luck.Please respond if u know anything about this rash
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In my first week of tx, I noticed that a type of freckled rash developed on the back of both my hands.  In the very beginning it itched. My rash gradually went away -  I think in about 2 weeks.  
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Oh, yeah! Sounds like riba rash...I first got it about 2-3 mos into tx after going into the sun and a swim in the ocean. I hadn't had any trouble with it prior to that and I thought I was being cautious (covered up, sunscreen, etc.) but by that evening I had full blown rash all over my legs.

For me, it was tiny raised red bumps that itched a little and looked really awful. After that, I was much more careful and didn't get in any sun. I still had some random itchiness throughout tx (in fact I am a month post tx now and I STILL itch) but never had the rash again that bad. I did get it mildly a couple of times when I was in too much heat but not like that first time.

A little topical cortisone helped clear it up pretty quickly, and I also increased my water intake too. For me, I flared up quick but also cleared up quick.

Take care,

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Oh yeah baby! Welcome to riba rash! I got mine 3 days after starting tx!  Drink loads of water, take an antihistamine for the itch if needed (loratidine is good), and I am having success with Aveeno bath and body oil plus colloidal oatmeal...The rash is Waaaayyy less, and minor itching...I couldn't get cortisone cream to work...
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Sounds like petichea....google and you'll see pictures. I had a mild form of it the first few months...another woman on forum (purplecat) was prescribed compression socks by her dr. My doc said no to that and they eventually just faded away...thankfully.
All the best!
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I just have a theory, suppose that when we start tx, and our immune systems are attacked, maybe we develope a temporary sensitivity to salt water, (the ocean), some detergents, (perfumey ones), fabric softerers, ???? While we're awake our blood hangs out in our lower extremities, could that be a cause for leg rash, as opposed to all over rash?  I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, I guess I'm just monkeying around.  Hugs, & g'night, Ant B
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Or maybe when the immune system reves up it makes the cooties run for their lives and they are exiting our body close to the floor so they don't fall as far.

OK I liked yours better....at least our imagination is still in tack or maybe it's running amuk...who knows - who cares eh? what time did you fall asleep?
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When I treated last time with Pegasysus, they told me to stay out of the sun and to make sure to wear sun block, riba and inteferons do not like direct sun, lots of drugs the same.

We went to Turkey and I stayed loaded with sun screen and  wore a hat!

Ther eis also something called Lichen, Platen ? (sp) that is common with Hep C.

I know very few  people escape the riba rash,  Mikkie may be right, it may be toxins trying to excape our bodies, kind of like night sweats.  Poison needs to escape our bodies

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Bummer about the sun - that's going to be pretty tough with the horses. I'm out at least 3 hrs per day in it. Wonder how the sunscreen effects the skin problems - How did you do?

I just studied HR's diet - I made a ten page document out of it after researching...trying to figure out what might work best for me...I know certain things don't ie.. fish oils  you don't even want to know what my reactions were....
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