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riba dosing

if doing weight dose riba,,,at 145 lbs, how much riba per day would that be 1,000 or 1200? I seem to have gotten 2 differnt answers from to consults who both believe in weight dose. Now i don't know which one to go with.
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i did try to post this question on the other side, but it didn't go through, unless it popped up there now, but last time i checked my question didn't go through.
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I started tx around 106lbs - 1000mg Riba a day.
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oh okay, then i guess the 1200 that was just recommended is right?
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i was told 1,000 by a leading guy up north, hummmm
hope i don't fall on my butt with the 1200
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do you have to take the procrit from now on or did they say its just for a while? you would think i know all these answers by now, but i can read and read and not until i do something does it sink in,,,but with this stuff and the way it effects the mind, it probably won't sink in...i will have to keep a journal of every shot, and riba pill, I'll over dose for sure if not. I have brain fog before tx, God only knows the mush brain I'll have during
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I was 145 and was put on 1000 Riba. Now that I have gained 7lbs, dr. F says he would up my Riba dose to 1200 or more. We are waiting for TMA. Plus since I have had both Aranesp and Neulasta it may not be necessary.
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