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Sooooooo...  I was diagnosed with Hep C about a year and a half ago.  The whole time I've been seeing a man monogamously and he knows about it.  He does not however, like to use condoms ever.  He does know the risks, we've been over it all, but he seems to think it's no problem.  Now... I personally have agreed with him all this time, based on the fact that all my friends who have Hep (which is a lot cuz I'm an addict in recovery) seem to think it's pretty impossible to spread through sex.  Also because I was initially told my virus was dormant and non-threatening.  But now that I'm starting to experience symptoms and difficulties and just went for my first biopsy last week..... I'm worried.  Because what if he DOES get it?  I mean, I love him utterly and deeply but he's a man of little compromise.  He's a grandson of african royalty worth millions with appallingly good looks.  Our relationship is strange but wonderful and I don't want to lose it.  But I want him to be protected.  I don't want him to go through all the pain I've had in the last year and will probably go through for years to come.  I have type 1 and its apparently progressing faster than they thought.  Is there any other way besides condoms to ensure his safety?
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...if he's not concerned...why should you be?
I would be very concerned about what diseases he may be carrying....
millions or no.....he could be detrimental to YOUR health.
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I've had Hep C for at least 15 years, possibly 25, and have been in a monogomous relationship 15 years (married for the last 10)  When I was diagnosed, he got a test and tested negative.  What a relieve that was.  I'm not saying it isn't possible to spread it sexually, but odds of that happening are very low.  Good luck with your decisions, your health and your relationship.  
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Is there any other way besides condoms to ensure his safety?
Don't have sex during your period. Avoid anal sex or any sort of "rough" sex where blood might be involved or have sex with any exposed sores such as during a Herpes outbreak. Don't share toothbrushes, razors, nail files, combs or other personal items.

If you have found this helpful, you can PM me a few million from his account :)
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What jmjm530 said.  :)
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Do you really think you can get some of the dough just by agreeing with me :)
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thanks for the help!  I follow the rules with razors etc., and we never have sex on my period, but we do have anal occasionally...  That's kind of the reason I posted this.  We did it that way last nite and for the first time there was a little blood (it had been a while).  He showered and washed with soap afterward but it freaked me out.  He seems cool with it (and he's been tested since we've been together and come out negative for everything) but I dunno...  I don't want to make him uncomfortable with it or mess with what we have so I stay quiet, but I just imagine the guilt if he contracted it.  I don't know how I could live with myself if I did that to him.  He's not had many women, only like 6 before me and he's almost 30.  He's very intelligent, selective, and careful.  When I found out a few months into dating him, I thought for sure I would lose him.  But somehow he's still here through it all.  I just thought if there was some kind of disinfectant or cleanser that could be used afterward if would be less nerve-racking.

P:S: As for the millions, I don't actually have any of it.  I'm not in it for that.  He's offered, but it's not my style.  I work hard and pay my half of everything.  So no dice on cash for good advice sorry ;)
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