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Well, I was all ready to finally get my new hips next week. My employer brought in a mammovan the week before last to make it easier for us to get screened. Got it done. The next day I got a call that it was abnormal so I went to the breast center for more tests. Then I was sent for a biopsy on Tuesday. Friday I learned that I have breast cancer - infiltrarting ductal carcinoma grade two. YaY me!  I see the surgeon next week but I'm probably going to lose the girls and then maybe treatment. No new hips for now.

I figure I survived tx so I can probably deal with anything they throw at me.  
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Well, doesn't that just suck? I guess we can only take solice in the fact that these treatments are available and have such high success rates. But it still *****. Very sorry for you.

Be well.
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Wishing you well at this most difficult time.  Diagnosis is the first step to cure, and I hope it is so for you.  You wacked the hep c beast into submission, and you surely are someone who has the strength to beat this as well.  Best of luck moving forward, and godspeed.  Take care.  ~eureka
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Gosh Sunqueen, I really don't know what to say,but with the new technologies and your positve attitude, I'm sure you'll do fine. You will beat this as well. This is one of the times where it is difficult to put ones self in another persons shoes. I suspect this will be as much a physcological battle as a physical one. Know that we are here for you if you need us.

Sending positive thoughts your way, and wishing you the best outcome

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A difficult pill to swallow, that's for sure. The lessons learned and knowledge gained from fighting HCV will certainly help you decifer all the incoming info, but I'm sure right now it's all overwhelming and discouraging , to say the least. I am sorry you have to face another battle like this. Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way for the Dr's visit next week and the healing that will follow.

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You probably learned more than you give yourself credit for from managing HCV. Reach back, grab some of those techniques and lessons, and move forward aggressively; many women are now successful winning over breast cancer. A gal I know well had it in 1999, and has now been CA free for 11 years; so go get a piece of it.

I’m sorry to hear this; there will no doubt be ups and downs involved along the way. Take care of yourself, and let us know how things go—

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All I can say is that you are in my thoughts and that I wish you success.  One doesn't often know what to say in such cases, but I know that many people here are pulling for you.

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That's really tough news.  I don't know anything about this and found this really good article.


I'm hoping this is containable to lump removal and wishing you the best prognosis possible.   You've always showed remarkable spirit and I can imagine you'll tackle this with your usual fight on....just wish you didn't have to but know you can and will.  Sorry for this news and keeping hopes high for you.

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gosh that is a hard diagnosis. i know how stunned you must feel as i was there nearly 12 years ago. i had stage 2 and underwent a mastectomy and chemo followed by radiation. i have been cancer free since then. i am in my 5th week treating hcv. the cancer treatment was great training. the similarities are striking as far as how the drugs make u feel. sooo if u do need chemo you will probably do well as u did in hcv treatment. you need the same types of resources; good medical team, good family support, and a positive attitude will all help you get through this recent challenge. we live in a time when this disease is very treatable in most cases and the resources to help u are a click away. if i can answer any questions feel free to send them. i wish you strength and courage to rise to yet another challenge, hugs, babs
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That hurts.  I am sure you were looking forward to the new hips, but this does take priority.  Take care of yourself.  I am sure your treatment for C will help with this new challege.

Good luck, frijole
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Oh no! I'm so so sorry to hear this. I wish you the strength to go through this. I can only imagine how you must be feeling.

I'm sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way.

Hugs, Marcia
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I am very sorry for your diagnoses. You must be terribly shocked. Just hearing the word cancer is shocking in itself. There are so many bad connotations we all have when we just think of that word.

I am so very glad that you caught it early, that is crucial and that treatment success for breast cancers have vastly improved in recent years.

Yes, having gone through HCV treatment will help you to get through the ups and downs of dealing with cancer. Not that we would want anyone to have suffered previously, but the tough lessons we learn in the past can help us to face future challenges knowing that we have overcome previous medical crisis. Remember you are stronger then you know.

Keep us informed as things develop.
All the best to you.

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Thanks everyone for your warm supportive comments and to everyone who has sent an email or a message. Sorry I dropped this bit of a bomb and then then poofed. My phone, email and texts have gone off the charts and I can't keep up.

Anyway, I have to get a PET scan and a bone scan to see if there are any mets. Surgery is scheduled for Nov 8 - bilateral mastectomy. Don't know what the tx will be after that.
We'll see .....
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