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side effects

I am currently taking the Telepriver protocol with copeg/pegasys interferon/ribavirin etc,,,  am in my fourth week and I have some very uncomfortable side effects.  'Roids are a BIG issue,,, traditional treatments are offering minimal relief/results,, anyone had similar complaints?  How did you handle it?  Overall tho, the Telepriver is showing me that I have a new lease on life, I saw what untreated liver disease caused, and getting a transplant is a huge problem, you have to be practically dead to move up the ladder to get one.  Stay the course, man.   ***@****
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Sending you a pm.
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I have been watching the development of telapravir- it was called Vertex 950 early in the studies.  I didn't know it was approved yet.  Are you on a clinical trial?  I am a non-responder 2002 geno 1a -- .. If you are on a trial you don"t know if you are getting the real stuff. right.  You may be having placebo rage?  Anyway I am anxious to start this round of treatment as I have moved into stage 3 liver disease.  And I don't know if I can take anymore pain
Thanks hepcmandan
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Vertex is in phase 3 trials WITHOUT a placebo arm. So those that are getting it, are really getting it.
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