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weight after treatment

I am 6 months post treatment.  I lost alot of weight while treating. I was probally down to 90lbs.  Normally for me 100 to 105 is good, I am 4'11.  Now I havent gotten on a scale, but I can tell that the weight is coming on and very fast and in my belly.  I have this belly fat that I never had in my life!!!  
Has anybody else gained much more weight after treatment???  And the belly fat????  
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Im 5'8 and always wore a size 10 all my life. Im medium build. I lost 10 pounds during my 55 weeks of tx. I gained almost 20 since end of December! Yikes!

Its all in my stomach! Its horrible....
I have been eating like there is no tomorrow!

Very soon will have to stop and  get real .
Im starting to get heavy...
I never had a weight problem before.

Just always STARVING!!

Regards Rita

Charm27 :{{{{{{{
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Me, too, never had a weight problem in my life but if my appetite doesn't slow down, I might. I'm hungry, hungry, always hungry.

I stayed about the same during tx but have since put on almost ten pounds, 133. On me, that's a lot, being 5'5" but small-boned.

I've never ever been hungry like this. Maybe my body is trying to right itself but it's sure strange and powerful, just like the meds were.

During tx, I'd wake up at three in the morning with bone pain, now post-tx I wake up at three in the morning craving fries.

For my husband, it's been amazing to see the transformation - first it was 'no, no, no, not hungry' and now it's 'yes, yes, yes, I want seconds'.

It's not headed to my belly, though. I'm a pear.

Have to get my bike out but only if I can 'eat and ride'.
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I gained 7 kg since EOT! I am GOING to be the Walrus, alright, if I don't stop eating. ;0
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Yes fat and weak thats what I am I remember mr emeets post how he also got that dangerous bellyfat  we ought to dig that post up a lot of good advices there I think.

btw I´v heard its not so bad for a woman to gain some weight as for a man.
Tiny girls dont turn me on ok if their pears like port lol!!

Good to see you port did the wedding weard you out!!
Comming up to 12 soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????

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The thing is I really do not eat more then before treatment.  My husband has this theory, that since our bodies were starving durning treatment.  That the body is storing all the fat, therefor belly fat.  
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Maybe we should all go in for a belly lipo....

I have developed a sweet tooth after tx and a craving for 38% cream. Marshmallows etc. I really need to cut it down and go back to my spartanian vegetarian practices, if not I'll end up a hippo.

Right now it's still okay,as I'm back to my pre-tx weight, but I have to start keeping an eye on that scale. Food just tastes soooo extremely good and I don't feel sick eating heavy and sweet foods anymore. I did before I started tx. I guess I've become 'normal'.
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I did not lose more than a pound or two during tx, but I added a lot of fat to my diet during those months, eating and drinking whole-milk products.  I wanted to be sure the Riba had plenty of fat for absorption!!  My study coord had told me that people do best on tx if they don't lose too much weight (not sure how she meant that, but I took it in).

Since finishing tx, I went back to 2% milk though I still use whole-milk yogurt.  Since I don't "have" to eat on a schedule to take my meds, I just eat when I'm hungry, sometimes 2 meals a day with a banana or some juice in between if I feel the need.  I've increased my exercise, too, and now I'm weighing 5 lbs less than at EOT.

The weight seems to be re-distributing, my waist is coming back (I was a bit overweight and kinda hoped to lose some during tx : ), and I'm using some arm weights to tone up the arm flab.  My body actually looks better to me than before tx.  
I guess this is not the norm.  I just feel grateful, as I could not stand to gain any more, already being a voluptuous woman : )
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I'm like Lapis...didn't lose weight on tx.  I lost muscle tone big time, though, Total Fluff-bucket.

Coming up on 3 weeks post tx and I am totally opposite of most of y'all.  I have no appitite.  All I can really stand to eat is "live stuff"  ---fruits, veggies.  No meat. I can't say that I have gained or lost, but I have gotten back some muscle tone.

Still have a ways to go.....but I gotta admit, the belly fat that you are complaining of made for some nice injection sites for me, lol!!!! (btw...do they ever fade???)

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I knew about weight gain from the forum.  I am actively watching what I eat because, though I lost 12 lbs., I'd like to lose more and definitely don't want to put any on.  Appetite is back but I can control my lunches (just yoghurt & fruit) when husband is at work on weekdays (he's gained since I started cooking again!).

It was hard to give up the ice cream and/or cookies that I ate with the riba, but if it's not in the house, you can't eat it!
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This is a very interesting thread,  I lost a little bit of weight during tx but I had upped my fat intake to help the riba and I was very determined NOT to lose much weight as they would drop my riba dose.  I did however lose a lot of muscle tone and flibbity flabbity-ed my way through the corridors!  I started at 78kgs and ended at 73.5kgs.

My appetite has not really changed since being off tx, although I do notice I crave sweet things & chocolate more often but have knocked back on all the cream cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream and what not I used eat during tx.  It seems I may have put about 1 - 2 kgs on but I think that is from slowly building my muscle tone back up.

The interesting thing is that on my first tx I put on 10kgs during tx, and then gained after 4 after tx.

It's crazy times for sure and could be due to many things, thyroid/metabolism jumping around, feeling more energetic and therefore doing more and therefore building muscle tone.  Also, as the liver is functioning normally now it will be making more cholestrol more efficiently, which is often associated with weight gain around the middle.  As some one has already noted the bad fat tends to hang around the tummy area.

I was shocked to discover my choloesterol level has almost tripled pre and post tx!!!
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A few days later.... I have put on some more kgs and I am not happy about it. None of my newer jeans fit and I really can't afford going out shopping new stuff at the moment.

So.... I was able to cut all the sugar within 2 days. I really put myself in a state of mind not to want it and the first few days my cravings were really harassing me. Now I don't crave anymore. Been drinking a lot of green, white and yellow teas. I'm not sure how, but it helped me with the cravings. I imagine that it gives you the energy the sugar gives you, but it is consistent. As you don't get the sugar rush and then the low afterward and need to tank up again.
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Funny how all the ads at the bottom of the page are about weight loss and lose belly fat! :)  But everytime I log on the computer there's an advertisement for the rules for a flat stomach, and how to get a bikini body.
I lost about 5-7 lbs during treatment inspite of the fact that I drank eggnog with my riba, peanut butter on toast, ice cream, milk shakes, I was very creative getting all the fat I could into my diet. I didn't eat as much, but all the fat filled me up quickly.
After creating all those fat cells, they just laid around in my stomach waiting to be filled again when I stopped tx. And fill them I did!
I do have higher cholesterol now.
(thanks epiphiny for pointing out that the liver is working more efficiently, I hadn't thought about that)
I do have hypothyroidism.
But I'm nearly 56, so doesn't this happen to a lot of people my age? I've just had to cut out the sugar and french fries and walk more....not that my body is great, but I'm trying to avoid it getting worse.
Good thread! Always drawn in by the weight topic!
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