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well I made it

48 weeks for the second time. This was by far the harder attempt but I did it. You guys kept me on track when I wanted so bad to quit. I went for an AFP Marker test and ultra sound yesterday and the nurse said that my liver looked good....no fatty infiltration and it wasn't enlarged......good news.....my viral load test should be in next week but I'm sure I willbe undetected. I am so happy to be finished, but like the first time I am a bit reluctant to stop, cuz I feel like I'm not fighting it......strange hah?. I lost 45 lbs and it seems like half my muscle tone.
I'm even off the procrit cuz my HGB is 10.1.
Thank you to all you brave and strong folks who continue to fight.
I am scheduled for another pcr in 2 months.....keeping my fingers crossed this time.
Wow, I'm getting my life back, how I miss it.
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I'm so happy for you.  I watched you struggles with treatment and really glad to see you finished.  Crossing fingers and wishing you the best outcome.
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This is great news. Congratulations on finishing Tx. I know treatment was really rough, but you hung in there and you made it. Now on to SVR. Please keep us posted.
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Wow Unc!!!  Just popping in and saw this great news.  Great work in completing the task and wish you the very best for your next few pcr's and ultimate svr.  Congrats on eot and getting your life back.
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Great news! Congrats!
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Great news, Unc.  So happy for you. Now onward to SVR-land!
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The tough just gets tougher, that's how you did it guy. Wishing you only the best outcome, you have earned it.
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  Congrats on your EOT, what a loooong road, and your endurance was amazing, I know how badly you wanted to quit, but you kept on~ Next stop; SVR-Land!
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So happy for you! You did it! I know it was hard but you did it!
This is really nice news for everyone!!
Take care
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Good job unc! I've got my fingers crossed for you. Hoooorahh!!
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Big congrats on EOT, wishing you all the best
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So great you made it! I know you were wanting to throw in the towel. Hope you bring in the new with an SVR!!
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Congrats on your accomplishment!  Friday will be my 30th shot and my patience is wearing thin.  I want to feel normal again!
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Hey Unc ...just saw this.!

Congrats ..I know this has been a long haul for you.

Keep us informed and be well !

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Thanks to everyone for the good vibes...fellin better with each passing day...I actually feel clear...I mean in the brain.....what a great feeling. Getting some of my breathing back too..it's so nice to be off the juice......if I can do, we all can
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  Great news about your breathing, Uncle, it sounded so awful, all of your side effects!. My hubs bought me this Vitamix juicer when I finished Treatment,and at first I was a skeptic, but I am actually having fun with it now, making all these health drinks.  I do think it takes at least a year to get over the Treatment Trauma, make sure you pamper yrself real good :)
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Yay, uncledude, so happy for you.
I know it was hell, but you did it!
Now onto svr, :)
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way to preserver !  No easy feat  : )  Congratulations to finishing and best wishes to you!!!
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Good on you! You've done it. You've completed the tx.
You should be congratulated for going the distance as tx is not easy but you stuck it out.
Looking forward to hearing of your svr
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uncle - those are sweet words.  IT does take a long time for the cocktail to leave the system, but it is so very nice to be done.  Congratulations on a great finish
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Big congrats on completing and also on the state of your liver - that's wonderful.   I remember feeling 'naked of meds' and yes; like walking without your crutches - I'm betting you're getting a little more used to it now!!!  Same goes - looking forwarding to getting out the Red Shoes for your SVR.
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