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where is the "goofy dad" and all the ocd questions?

     I was wondering if Riba makes you get in your car drive long distances and jump into bed with strangers or strange people.. And can this happen to people who use to take Riba and interferion?    
     Oh and I miss my hrs of laughter I recieved by ocd questions and goof ball awnsers. Any one else??? Are your ears burning before I hit the send goof?
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NO on all questions...

Goofy may want to comment though:)
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I would guess it all depends on who you are and your level of raging hormones.
OO Mary
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No it seems to me it might be some sort of psychitric breakdown from the Interferon that would cause something like that to happen but if that was one of the sides of treatment I wouldn't have been on it at all!!!!!
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What the hell kinda post is THAT????

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Hmmm...No, not that I've heard...But alcohol can! ;) You have something to tell us? LOL~MM
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It is kind of boring around here without the Marin County wonder.  Maybe he will come out of retirement and liven things up.
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In leiu of GoofyDad's being MIA and risking the offense of others...I submit a gratuitus moon:   (  )*(  )  MWA! HA! HA!
             ()   ()
             d    b
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this sx is cumming more and more in play with the new meds riba, inter, and tela. some pe ople are having to stop tx , ( TO SMOKE ) !!!!
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He laying next to a pool, and thinking of us all.
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Mary4now try this link for some laughs and grins. I looked it up cause I was missing the laughter.
http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Hepatitis-Social/I-am-losing-the-hair-on-my-back-from-TX--very-distraught/show/1292270 '   . And Spectda looks soo sexy in his picture.
  Hi all. Just goofing off... And missing the laughter this social side has given me. Many of you have made me laugh or happy or what ever.  Butt the Goofy takes the prize... Hugs. wk 43 no sx. other than salt just started tasting like crap. in powdered sauces and gravy's , but then again that stuff taste like ka-ka anyways.

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Ahhhh the fond memories of txing and GoofyDad's commentary...The "quote/joke of the day"...The twisted insight as to why men have nipples; speculation on if Hep C can hide in your brain or testicles; and the poo-transplant for c.diff sufferers...or any poop thread for that matter...The hilarious (and sometimes frightening!) tales he spawned of IIADD (interferon-induced attention deficit disorder) -i.e. "brain fog" and how his wit encouraged all of us not to take ourselves (and others) too seriously.
By the way, whatever happened to "First shot parties" for the newbies?!? ~MM
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??????? ask a question, then say your goofing off? REALLY? :)
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ha-ha.  Yea I forgot the poo and eggplants in the tags. should of just posted the tags.  
  Yea child24angel thats what I did. As I was goofing around. hmm maybe I need to get over me. tee hee. hope your day was well too.
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Hmmm... I missed the fun. You still in heat blondie? Please tell me you still have them rubber boots.
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Awwwwwkkkk...reading this brings it all back.  Literally.


Those private moments we shared....brings a tear to my eye.

What about the fish hook thread?  Or my personal favorite...the poor woman who found it so hard to find good help...her maid who may/may not have hcv may/may not have used her nail clippers.........

Agree, blondie.  Those goofy days got me through my tx.  This side is still the first place I check...looking for a pulse over here...or at least a good recipe..............

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Thank you !
You have a good day and evening:)

In heat huh? Goof:)

I hope your daughter is doing well

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I guess meds can cause strange things, even driving long distances for those "in heat" moments (just kidding)
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  Goofydad My boots wore out, but I may be acquiring a new pair if I start "plucking finger licking chicken again"  or I might go to work @ the Whiskey plant and boot-leg it to Oklahoma?  
    Peanut was in heat, so I shut all doors and windows, I roasted, tried to sleep outside w/fireants and mosquitoes. The witch still got knocked up. Anyone for Kittens?
    five shots to go yea!   And no gas to drive nowhere far "ha-ha"
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Gotta pay pal account ?
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I have a paypal account....what exactly are we buying?????
1491755 tn?1333201362
Gasoline for Blondie
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