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worried about censorship,loss of membership

      I am very upset about what is going on this forum. I thought the offending posts by Reverie and Forseegood were sophomoric and chose to pass over them. But now that people
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I sure didn't want this to happen, and I was just defending myself, I would really like for this to be over, more then anyone...
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We have removed only those postings that contained offensive material.    

If other postings are missing from the forum, it may be a problem that our tech. staff needs to hear about.  If you could be specific about which postings are missing, we'd appreciate it!

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I notice that there are some strange characters in your message.  Did you by any chance compose your message in a text program (Word or other) and then copy and paste it here?  We are trying to find out why these characters are showing up in only a few messages.

Thanks for your help!

Med Help
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Foreseegood has never attacked anyone with deragatory remarks on the offense and I truly truly believe that everyone has the right to defend themselves from stupid moronic comments that one mentally unbalanced person might make towards them.

And she's been here a LONG time.

LOTS Of fights have happened before you got here Hawk - LOTS of them.

Try to ignore it if it has nothing to do with you - it's the only way to survive.

People and their personalities will ALWAYS disagree. It's a fact of life.

On the other hand Med Help does NOT have to leave offensive remarks like those that I read up online.

I would PREFER they take them down.  Don't think of it as censorship think of it as DECENCY.
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Problem is we keep ignoring and ignoring and it doesn't stop. Yes, I usually do ignore what is offensive and move on, have for a year now. These past few days have gone beyond any decency and nothing is said about it. What has been done? Yes, I got the letter about removing my posts and I could be banned...but what are you doing about how these offenders that continue to do this? I was so offended that it has been hard to 'move on" when the elephant is still here in the living room.  Now my posts have been removed for being offensive! I have never posted an offensive post in my entire year here. These past few days of really gross sexual posting have offended most of us and MH has removed the posts and hopefully the person (s) responsible, but it would be great if MH could let us know how they plan on addressing this problem.
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I was told the same thing about my posts and banning too.
I never let a man speak filthy in my presence before, why would I start now?
A woman has a right to defend herself from that kind of talk from a MAN. (as Foresee did).What year is this?

I would like to know that this kind of talk to woman would not be allowed, but if it happened, a woman wouldn't have to curl up into a ball in the corner and not defend herself for fear of 'breaking rules.'
Or what course of action is she supposed to take that is 'within rules'.
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Forseegood: I am concerned about censorship as well as what seems to be personal haressment against you. I'm on your side!  It was my effort to take the emotional element out of my comment, so as not to distract from the problem. There is unquestionably a lack of clear, professional thinking in how this is being handled.
  med help: Yes, I copied and pasted. The odd lettering comes up, when I do that at this site.
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Forsee is a good Lady and has been around a long time , i always enjoy her post..

Sfbaygirl--Im sorry you got a bad note , you dont deserve it.....
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I am opposed to the supression of free speech but this is their board and they can do what they want.  I have learned to accept that about this board.

I guess I missed the recent dramas.  
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All forums have "insider fights" I have no idea what was behind this. To me - it's not relevent. What is relevent is the offensive sexual harrasment of a female member here. I said before there should be no taboo subjects here - but I guess I do draw the line at sexual harassment. Which is what this was. Med Help removed the offensive posts and that was GREAT. But - I think I am not alone in wondering if the perpetrator actually understands how inapropriate this "tatic" was and how threatening it felt to MANY (possibly ALL) of the female members of this forum who witnessed it . Completely unacceptable behavior.

Repeated sexual conduct including sexually explicit materials, remarks and innuendoes that are unwelcome. qualify as a hostile environment and sexual harassment. Do we really want this forum to feel unsafe for the female members here?

The most common response to sexual harassment is avoidance and appeasement of the perpetrator without direct confrontation. My only criticism of Med Helps response is that they avoided and prevented DIRECT and explicit confrontation.

Harassing behavior, if ignored or not reported, is likely to continue and become worse, rather than go away. The perpetrator MUST get a clear message as to just HOW unacceptable attacks of a sexual nature are.

Now - I still have no idea what brought it all on. As I said - on going wars,"spats", cliques etc. are normal in this environment. BUT attacks of a sexually explicit nature are COMPLETLY unacceptable. It makes EVERY female here feel uncomfortable whether or not they complain.

This is a SUPPORT forum for people with a REALLY serious disease. Fights will happen - but let's not have any more attacks of this nature.

Once again - I FIRMLY believe that the perpretrator needs DIRECT confrontation.
I suspect that the  person has no clue as to just how destructive that particular attack was to the whole forum. And least I hope that was not their intent.
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Beautifully expressed.

I agree.
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Yes I agree with Compulsive!  Very well put!  I know that sometimes ignoring a situation,,,will make it go away but honestly it makes me ansy,,,,I just can't watch a friend getting slam dunked for no reason!  I usually have to say something and usually causes problems lol

Kalio,,,You are a special person! I don't know how at times you continued to come to forum but you are amazing!
I had another good friend that was more or less run off and it saddens me at times that more people don't speak up but I totally understand that many don't want to be caught in middle!
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