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so...im at work and have the arm bands on the counter...this guy comes in and says hes had hep c for about 20 years.  then continues to tell me hep c is caused by partying and bodily fluids.....i had to stop him and give him correct info...its amazing how even some of the people with hep c have mis info....lets continue to spread the word....lets slay this dragon!!!!!!!
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I gave one to my hairdresser today, along with an info card:)
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My cousin knows a guy with C and he told my cousin that his dr told him that he must have contacted it from having too much sex with his Asian girlfriend (I was really shocked with all the docs implications/racism).

And I couldnt change my cousins mind that this doc was out of his mind and an idiot to tell his friend such a thing!!!

Really sickening!  
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I blame the US military for this misinformation.
I saw a so called news program about why so many men from the Vietnam era have hep C. They never once mentioned the air-jet gun inoculations but instead said the guys got it from drug use and prostitutes in Nam.
They never explained why, it that were true, that we only have genotype 1-4 here while there are more in Asia.
Pure propaganda aimed at having us look away from what could be the cause of the epidemic here in the US.
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No surprise really.  I had a lady tell me the other day she has chronic Hep-A
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Just gave out my cards and arm bands to a NP who works in my GPs office.
She said she also worked in one of the area hospitals.   She said I was the
first person that she had ever met who had been treated.  She  told
me that at the hospital where she works there are lots of people with Hep C.
She was really thankful to get the arm bands and cards that Tiredofhepcll
sent to me last week.  
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One of the girls in the office I could tell was extra interested.  Her first
question was does your insurance pay for it.   I think that question is going
to be coming up a lot.
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How can I get some of these things? I live in Des Moines Ia, and know a lot of people with HVC. I am very grateful to be SVR, and feel like I owe it to my community to do what I can.
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Contact tiredofhepcll.  I don't know how many he has left.  But he had
a bunch.
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Great thread.  It is nice to see the informaton getting out.  I wish I were so brave
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