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Another question re. gamma globulin

I'm making this a new post lest you inadvertantly missed my response to xracer's previous thread.

Your answer re. gamma globulin blew my mind.  I'm one of those people who have no idea how they contracted hcv - none of the standard risk factors.  BUT, in 1954, my brother had the measles and my pediatrician gave me GG, which didn't prevent measles but did significantly reduce the severity of my symptoms.

Anyway, I just googled gamma globulin and all I could find was articles on the dangers of intravenous GG.  I believe I received it intramuscularly, at least as far as I can remember.  Was intramuscular GG possibly contaminated enough to cause hcv?  If so, this should most definitely be added to the list of risk factors - or better yet, there ought to be universal testing for everybody.
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Does not matter if you received it IM or IV there was still a risk for contamination. Frankly, the CDC says that everyone should be tested for HIV every year. I believe that everyone should be tested for hepatitis A, B and C for their regular physicals, vaccinated for A and B if they are negative and followed up for HCV. DTD
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Thanks so much for the clarification.  I, too, had been searching for this info.  I have none of the usual risk factors for HCV except maybe for living overseas as a kid, but I did receive IM gamma globulin shots here in the US on two occasions in the late 70s and early 80s (after possible exposure to food-borne hep A).  This could be it...  
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