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Are there long-term neurotoxic effects from Ribavirin??-getting worried here

  There have been a rising number of posts where people that have been
  on the combo complain of brain dyfunction type problems, and these
  side effects (memory loss, coordination problems, speech problems)
  seem to last after treatment.  Are they permenent?  Will my brain
  ever be back to where it was before treatment?  
  What are they finding are the long-term effects from the ribavirin?  
  Am seriously considering dropping my dosage from 1200 to 800.
  I became PCR neg after
  1 month, had a very low viral load of <1000 mu at beginning of treatment,
  had biopsy with mild inflamation, am a genotype 1b, so have to go
  the full 48.  
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Dear eyeballeww:
I appreciate your question and the opportunity to respond to them.  Side effects of therapy is obviously a major concern for individuals with hepatitis C.
First and foremost, people on wither interferon or combination therapy with interferon and ribavirin should not develop problems with coordination or with speaking.  If someone does, they should contact their physician immediately.  
On the other hand, many patients complain of problems with memory loss, distraction and depression.  I know of no evidence that any of these side effects are permanent and none of my patients have complained of this specifically to me.  I will say that with interferon alone, we typically feel it takes several weeks to a month for all the side effects to
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