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Fibromyalgia or Hep?

I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was told I needed to see a Rhumetologist and let him diagnose me. The rhumetologist told me I have hepatitus. Can a person with hep have pain in the winter and numbness in fingers?
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I went thru 48 months of treatment developed fibromyalgia and worsened joint and bone pain.  I have lost a lot of dexterity in my hands and fingers don't have a lot of feeling at the tips, but that's from the treatment.  Pre-treatment I had a lot of winter arthritis-like pain in my joints and hands.  Don't know if this helps, but I'm new to this forum.  Wish I'd seen it when I was on treatment.
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I did 24 weeks of TX - and developed Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy.

Extreme pain in joints Especially shoulders, upper arms, neck - lower back, knees and ankles ---- and strangely --- HIPS... Agggggg.

My tendons and connective tissues feel like they are stretched thin and are ripped loose --- so I feel that I'm sometimes being held together by only my skin and my muscles --- which ache continuously.

I have sharp shooting pains that run up and down my arms, back/neck and legs.

It's pretty normal - I've been told to feel that way...

But I'm only 41 and I feel like I'm 102 some days.

Today my meds aren't working - but MOST days they do... Ultram 200 in morning and 100 at night.

A person with Hepatitis can have MULTIPLE problems - the virus destroys the liver - which acts as a cleansing agent for the body - the longer you've had the disease - the more likely you are going to have issues surrounding the organs and tissues that have been damaged.

So --- you need to eat healthy - keep up on doctor's orders - get exercise - and take care of yourself.

If your doctor advises to take the Hep C Chemotherapy - then do your research.

Are your pains normal?

Yes - and no.

They could be aggravated from HepC --- or they could be just a normal run of the mill arthritic conditions.

The doc should be by some time this week - methinks he's busy right now.

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