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Hep C treatment

My mom was diagnosed with Hep C in 1996. She has been told she can not be treated with Interferon treatment because she also has kidney disease. The last we heard she has about 50% kidney function. My understanding is that interferon would be lethal to her because her kidneys could not filter, or clear, the interferon treatment. Is this correct? Is there anything else that can be done for her? She is receiving no treatment and it seems the only thing to do is slowly watch the hep C kill her.
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My Dad was very very sick in 1996...I researched and researched trying to find things that could help him alternatively while receiving complimentary medicine and awaing a liver transplant.  It helped him tremedously and I hope it can help your loved ones too.  Right now we are post liver transplant 13 years and unfortuantely my dad is very sick he has Chronic Kidney Failure Stage 4...We are starting the process for now a kidney transplant.  My brother and myself are praying we will be a donor..Its a hard long sad road when someone you love is sick you feel helpless and that is why I am posting I helped my dad with Alternative when they said he had a year to liveIf anything I am posting can help someone than helping my dad has helped others too...

My dad 13 years ago had a liver transplant.  Prior to him having to have a liver transplant.  I researched and RESEARCHED such things for the liver.  What we found worked great for him was.......

Milk Thistle............Speeds up the rejuvenation of the liver...Used in Germany actually as a cure for Cirrhosis given in injections.  Take this at night when the body is resting

Distilled Water & lemon...........8 glasses a day.........Know natural cleanser for the liver.

A product called Intramax...(Intracelluar Liquid Vitamin that doesnt taste bad either)  All organic and true value of all ingredients that are listed. THE PRODUCT IS WONDERFUL.  go to the website and read...

Hope this helps, it helped my dad prior to him getting a transplant.  he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C at 32 when I was young which caused cirrhosis I was too young to help.  It was only when he was 52 that he became really ill that I was old enough to try to help him stay healthy while awaiting his transplant and it helped.  He never looked sick and the doctors couldnt belive his bloodlevels were the way they were and he looked so good, no jaundice no bloating nothing...  Any questions please email I will help you in any way I can.  Of course check with your doctor but his doctors all approved what i found for him and they were amazed how he was not that sick which didnt jive with his blood reports.  The doctors thought he was lying when he told them he felt ok.  But the proof was in how he looked which he didnt look as sick as he was ..So it helped in some way...
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