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Hepatitis C & Cryoglobulinemia
My brother-in-law has been diagnosed with Vasculitis () with Hepatitis C complicated by  chronic renal failure .  I am hoping to get some information and/or direction.  The cryoglobulinemia began as a warm rash on his lower leg which transformed into a blister and then an open wound and severe swelling.  He has had plasmapherisis 1 week ago.  His case is difficult to treat as the kidney function is not good.  We have had varying opinions on how to treat him.   A doctor recently recommended Retuximab infusions (4) to prohibit another attack of cryoglobulinemia.  We are concerned because he recently began experiencing pain in his other leg which has visible purpera markings.  The physicians have suggested the Retuximab to control the vasculitis and then beginning to treat his Hepatitis C which is complicated by the insufficiency of the kidneys.  My question is would dialysis improve his chances of treatment?  Also, would such a patient be considered for transplant surgery...recognizing it would require kidney and liver transplants?  We have been told that he is not a candidate for interferon & ribavirin treament due to the insufficiency of his kidneys...will he be able to tolerate interferon and Ribavirin if the Retuximab infusions are successful at inhibiting the cryoglobulinemia?  

Any information or direction would be appreciated.  In addition, recommendations for treatment facilities and/or doctors would be welcome.

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