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Indicaters for Chronic HepatitisB activity

  Dear Sir,
  I am an engineer, writing to you from Ahemedabad, Gujarat a state in India, Asia. I have visited your website and have read the old querries.  However my case seems to be a little different. I have been diaognised to have Chronic Active Hepatitis B. My case/test  history is briefly as follows.  Some of the tests may not be related to Hepatitis but still they have been presented for ready reference.
  Date Test                  Results                           
  11/14/92HBsAg(ELISA) Positive
   HBeAg         Negative
   SGPT         45units/ml
  2/4/94 SGPT         53units/cc
   SGOT         45units/cc
  7/19/94 HBsAg (
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Dear Santosh Shah:
I appreciate your questions and the detailed information you have described.  While it is always difficult for me to make comments about specific cases, I will try to make some comments that I hope you will find helpful.
First and foremost, I cannot state with certainty that you have an active, replicating hepatitis B infection.  Any patient who is hepatitis B surface antigen and hepatitis B e antigen positive and who has elevated liver enzymes may well have a replicating infection.  However, the hepatitis B status can change over time.  Therefore we would want to know the status of your hepatitis B serology
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