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NEW SYMPTOMS..Are they related to Hep C PLEASE?

I am 52, but don't look like it.  I feel 65 though.  I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 16 but did not have to start treatment until 4 1/12 yrs ago when the  symptoms got very bad.  I also have Hep C which I acquired about 25 years ago when I was an RN..when we didn't have to glove to start IV's and such.  I must have pricked myself and BOOM..Hep C was diagnosed 5 years ago with liver enzymes out the roof.  I was started on Tx for Hep C, but 3 weeks into it, I became someone I didn't know at all!  I became suicidal,  couldn't get off the couch at all, thrashing all around and passing out all the time.  The Tx stopped after 3 weeks due to an Interferon reaction.  My enzymes are pretty much within normal range now, but the virus I have ( 1A) is still replicating and now I am manifesting new symptoms such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Edema in legs, feet, arms and hands not relieved by Lasix or Cortasone.  It is extremely painful.  I have a very low prothrombin time, which I hear is due to Hep C.  I haven't had a biopsy since I was dx about 5 yrs ago (which showed cirrohsis) and don't know if I should have another one or not, especially with these new symtoms coming on.  I am a petite 5'4" weighing 124 lbs.  Xrays are now showing bone infarts in both knees and both ankles.  I just had MRI's, but no answers yet..they are coming next week.  I am VERY SCARED.

Thank you...Scared22367
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