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The long and winding road

  I've learned alot in the last few months surfing the net,, but I'm confused so here goes,,,, My ast/alt is   ast(24) alt (43)..
  to the best of my knowledge no other testing on my blood for hep figures has ever been done.. I read in the various bulletin boards and forums alot of different type test and treatments that are conducted and feel like I'm being left in the dark by my doctor... My question is ,,, is there really nothing that can be done for carrier's,,,?? are we stuck with the virus till it gets us???
  What would my treatment options be???  Interfearon?
  would appreciate any suggestions I can make to my doctor when I return to him next month..
  My condition is further complicated by heart medications that I have to continue taking...  triple bypass surgery two years ago and still experience chest pressure/pain.. , but of course I wonder and worry about the further damage to the liver by them??
  Fatigue right now is my biggest problem and dime size red sores on my right leg that itch bad... thanks..
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Dear Paul:
I appreciate your questions and your level of concern and frustration.  I
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