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upper right quadrant pain

Posted By kenn on June 04, 1999 at 02:21:03
Dear doctors, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis A 9 months ago (Sept. 1998)after becoming ill in Mexico following a long travel excursion. I experienced symptoms generally associated with Hep A (i.e. jaundice, loss of appetite, nausea, headaches,etc) but no pain in the upper right quandrant until three months after being ill and after my other symptoms had long disappeared. This pain continues to bother me nine months after the initial illness. It is a dull pain that bugs me on and off but fairly persistently. Other symptoms included dry throat and mouth and eyes. I was checked for diabetes in March and the test was negative. In March I visited a physician who conducted blood tests on me. My liver function tests came back normal, however my IGg test came back inconclusive. I have since continued to experience the pain although ultrasound and x-rays that followed were normal as well. My doctor seems to think that the pain may be due to a liver still in the process of regenerating. Does this seem likely? Is an IGg inconclusive test normal? What questions should I ask of the doctor on my next visit concerning other tests or approaches we may consider? Thank you very much for your time, much appreciated.

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