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Rash at incisional site two months after surgery

My husband had a large incisional hernia repaired two months ago (the hernia developed after an emergency appendectomy four years prior).  The surgeon performed open surgery and implanted mesh.  Everything was fine; the only issue was two weeks post surgery, the incision started to ooze dark red blood.  We went back to the surgeon and he drained the area, explaining that there was a pool of old blood under the skin.  Now two months post surgery, a skin rash has developed around the incision.  It looks like prickly heat and my husband says it itches.  We called the surgeon's office and the nurse said she doesn't feel it's anything to worry about; she told him to buy some neosporin and apply a small amount and if it doesn't clear up in a couple of weeks he should see a dermatologist.  I'm fearful that his body may be rejecting the mesh.  Could the rash be a sign of that?  He doesn't have any other symptoms except for the rash.  Thank you.
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