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hurnias n knee operations n neck n back pain
Dr. I reasently had a verticsl hurnia repsir done but my belly buttons still hard n looks like im 81/2 months pregnant n im still in pain with it and the other 2 hurnias that i have but have been denied opperations for the other too hurnias n have also ben denied n told i carnt have both my knees operated on on the n h s as they wont do it because of my age im 44 yrs old n am in lot of pain i carnt walk very much or very far as my knees give way from under me n then i carnt get up or move n am in even more pain than befor n ive been getting pain in my kneck n my back n in my legs also and ive found lumps in my fingers n still having strong pain in my stomach were the hurnia repair was done n were the other too hurnias are could ur specilist help me and do my operations please that i so urgently need  also they didnt do any lipro suckson at the time for me when doing the vertical hurnia repair in may this year. Please could a specialist answer and help me please im in so much pain n discomfort and really do need thouse operations can u help me please
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