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stomach and testicle pain

My boyfriend, almost 59, 6'1" and 231 lbs, has a hiatal hernia which sometimes acts up and he's able to relieve himself systematically.

Aside from this condition, he has also had prostate and skin cancer which have all been dealt with over the last decade or more (complete prostate & skin samples removed), and he gets checked out regularly.

For the past month or more, he has complained about a lower abdominal pain that he also feels in his testicles.  He went to his doctor who found nothing out of the ordinary wrong, and simply told him "it's part of aging."

Yesterday, after being in bed most of the day in our well air-conditioned bedroom since he was feeling very low energy, he slept and ate all day.  Unbeknownst to me, soon after getting in bed he became quite ill with nausea and pain in the stomach and testicles.  He was distressed with this condition all night long and got no sleep nor was he able to regurgitate anything.  He's been sleeping off most of today without eating anything yet and drinking very little of the plain camomile tea I made him.

He's had at least 1 bowel movement and relieved his bladder too.  No fever, color's good/normal.  He's just real tired and he says for the past 3-4 years he's experienced several days in a row of just very low energy.  Again the lower abdominal and testicular pains are very recent and he's understandably very concerned about this.

I am focused on getting him help/tests/answers/direction asap and came across this website with free expert recommendations.  Would you kindly address what this could be?
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He needs to be evaluated immediately. There are multiple possibilities that range from epididymitis to diverticulitis. Many of these need immediate treatment.
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Thank you.  He'll be seen this week.
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