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Can scar tissue mimic a hernia recurrence?

(I'm a male in my late twenties.)

About six months ago I got a surgery to fix a small umbilical hernia. For about half that time, I've felt like the hernia symptoms have returned: there's lots of discomfort and 'itchiness' at the site, especially when laying on my back or swimming, which is how I discovered the hernia in the first place. However, there is no visible lump or bulge that I can see this time, save for some toughness that my doctor identified as scar tissue.

My question is: can scar tissue mimic the sensations of a hernia? The fact that the hernia site feels so much like it did before my surgery concerns me. However there IS scar tissue in the same area, so maybe this could be irritating the same nerves? The fact that I haven't noticed a bulge this time around also makes me wonder if this is a hernia or not

Thanks for any help!
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