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Extreme Leg Pain Many Years After Hernia Surgery

About 4-6 years ago (long before I knew him), my husband wound up with a hernia (inguinal I believe, but I may be wrong). Anyhow, when he went to the medical services about it, they refused to believe that it was a hernia and sent him about on his business. At the time, he worked where he had to do an insane amount of heavy lifting, and, because said medical services didn't believe it was a hernia, they gave him no lift restrictions. Anyhow, after more than a month of trying to convince a variety of medical services that there was indeed a problem, he was finally referred to a hospital where they ran an ultrasound, found out it was indeed a hernia, and performed surgery (bear in mind that the only hospital his insurance would cover at the time was a crap-freaking-tastic place that (at least used to) have a reputation for its... less than spectacular performance. After he healed, the scar tissue didn't much bother him unless he did a lot of heavy lifting (he moved to a different, less-intense job after the surgery).

Flash forward to present. We recently got married, and have discovered that after sex, he always winds up with an unbearable pain in his thigh, just downstream of where the hernia was. He has a remarkably high pain tolerance, so when he said his leg "hurt like hell," I knew it had to be bad. The pain usually makes him unable to walk for upwards of 2+ days afterwards, and, given that painkillers do little to help, leaves him completely miserable for the duration thereof.

The "outer part" (like the outer skin layer, all the way around) of his thighs have been numb for a good number of years (most likely like that before the surgery; if i put my hand on his thigh, he can't feel it), and the pain feeling is "weird" he says, because when he tried rubbing his leg to get rid of the pain (similar to the same way that you would if you had a muscle cramp), he could feel the pain getting worse under the pressure in the deeper part of his leg, but couldn't feel anything on the outer layer of his skin.

I know from talking to some people that have had similar operations that hernia scars can make one's life a nightmare at times, so I'm partially of the mindset that it has something to do with maybe the muscles in the leg pulling on/against the scar tissue, or maybe is the result of having gone so long without getting the issue taken care of, but I'm no medical professional. All I know is that I don't like seeing him in pain, especially enough pain that it interferes with his capacity to get around. He's leaning more towards the notion of nerve damage, but also thinks that it could be anything.

So, the real question is, is this kind of thing normal after hernia surgery? How do we get it to stop? I'm hesitant to take him to another doctor, because all the ones within our distance have proven to be (though one instance or another)... not worth their certification. I don't want the idiots in the area causing him more problems.

Additional information:
Ibuprofen/NSAID painkillers do little to help the issue
Heat doesn't really alleviate the pain.
Trying to massage the muscle only makes it worse.
"Taking it slow/easy" or "trying a different position" doesn't help at all.
He's a young guy -- in his mid 20s, so I don't think there's a whole lot of age-related issues going on here.
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Hi, its unlikely that the scar tissue can cause such excruciating pain. It does cause discomfort and some pulling sensation due to fibrosis. Sciatica can also cause the symptoms described by you. There is back pain which radiates to the leg and foot. This can be caused due to spinal disc herniation, spinal stenosis and piriformis symdrome.  He can try avoiding those postures and movements which aggravates his symptoms. Could try cold or hot compress for relief from pain. But for a higher dose of pain killers or for a change of medication he will have to consult his doctor. Regards.  
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