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Help help inguinal hernia

Hi everyone I am new to this forum and I need some urgent help. I am from High Wycombe Buckinghamshire and I have been diagnosed with an inguinal hernia on my lower left groin.

I am a 27 year old female From France currently working here as a personal assistant.

It all suddenly started in July. I became frequently sick and I felt increasingly tired. I then started to feel a pain in my lower left side every-time I went to toilet, coughed and tensed my stomach muscles at the gym.

My first GP sent me for an ultrasound as I am prone to having ovarian cysts. After finding nothing she placed diagnosis on a urine infection. The symptoms grew worse and worse and after going back to the GP several times with the pain and sickness she gave diagnosis as an eating disorder and placed me on a special diet.

I then changed GP as I knew this wasn’t right. The new GP was bright and confident she would find out about it. This new GP sent me for a groin ultrasound, where it was discovered I had an inguinal hernia.

I then went to discuss the results with my new GP but she was sick so I had a substitute doctor that did not really explain what the next process was and placed me on an emergency list. This substitute doctor said I could not be recommended to a specialist doctor and I could not choose which hospital as I did not want to been seen at Stokemandevile or High Wycombe general as I had a bad experience here before. As I do not really know how the NHS works I trusted this guidance of a substitute GP.

After researching on the internet I have found that I could actually be referred to different doctors so I then went back to my normal GP when she was back from being ill. She then explained things properly to me unlike the substitute doctor and told me she could refer me to a specialist doctor in London for hernia but it could take some time whereas I had already been on the emergency waiting list and I might be seen at a different hospital other than Stokemandevile or High Wycombe. Due to the amount of pain and sickness I decided to see what happens on this emergency list.

One week later my appointment came through for two weeks time, which has put me here today. I was meant to see Dr Appleton my GP had informed me but it was Dr Huang I would be seeing stated on the letter. Although these doctors were at High Wycombe hospital they had top reviews for inguinal hernia repair and do it private so I decided to stay.

I arrived this morning early and I was seen by one of his colleagues a doctor Anihkl which I was disappointed in but I proceeded with the appointment. The appointment started off slow describing symptoms and started to go towards a further investigation route as I was saying when I am constipated it hurts worse but I was just giving him an example which I do not think he understood.  He did not look at my ultrasound only the notes provided and then with a nurse felt around the tender area. He said he couldn’t feel it????  He then said yes I could have the surgery done if I wanted but it might not get rid of the pain and sickness….

This is where I need help. He said he would place me on the generic waiting list so that anyone competent to do a hernia operation would be able to carry it out ASAP within eight weeks at High Wycombe hospital. It would be open surgery and a general anesthetic treated as a day case and they would use mesh to secure the hernia.

My boyfriend then asked why would it not be done as a Larascopic keyhole surgery which the Doctor then said there is no difference between the two surgeries and most doctors/surgeons would do open surgery as it is the NHS not private. I double-checked this and the NHS actually do provide Larascopic keyhole surgery for inguinal hernia.

It seems Larascopic is the best but even better is Single-port Larascopic but how do I push for this on NHS.

My boyfriend was also concerned about this generic list as the doctor said it is quite rare for an inguinal hernia to occur in females my age. Therefore I asked if I could be put on Doctor Huang’s list but he said it might be a longer waiting time and might not be him to carry it out.

Also reading on the internet there are lots of negative comments about the mesh repair. Apparently The British Hernia clinic use a better mesh.

I am at a cross road I don’t which way to go I am a very petite female and I do not want to suffer at the hands of NHS. I want the best treatment possible as I cannot afford to go private, I need help please can anyone help. Shall I asked to be referred to someone better?

Regards, Alisa
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