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Hi. I need a SERIUS answer, can anyone help?

My mother (58 y/o, had total abdominal hysterectomy 2016, hospital stay was 21 days with severe ileus) underwent incisional hernia repair surgery for a large hernia in the incisional area, which was caused by her having a severe case of ileus last year. She was sent home the day after, contrary to what was programmed and paid for.  She spent most of the day okay, BUT then around 9 PM she got really sick, all nauseous and bloated. All she was able to vomit is a sticky ,viscous phlegm like substance and she was up ALL NIGHT throwing up, every 10-15 mins. She's back in the hospital today and CT scan revealed no ielus. But I'm thinking from her bloating it just may be?

What could this mean? She didn't have a fever, but her skin was hot and felt hot to the touch. Also her dr. didn't send her home with a diet or his number, nor any recommendations or anything. Please, I need some answers my mother is extremely miserable.
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