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Hiatal Hernia

Hi I wonder if someone can give me advise, I’ve been told I have a large sliding hiatus hernia and server IBS. I was told to lose weight which is currently what I’m doing.

I was 15.10 when this problem started in October 2020 and I’m now 13.3. I’m 5ft 2 so I have another 4 stone to go. The burping comes and goes throughout the day, it’s mainly bad after eating, drinking or exercise.

I drink 1 herbal tea, 2.5L of water a day and I’m doing 16/8 fasting. I drink slowly and I eat 2 small meals between 12pm to 8pm. I stopped smoking a few years ago.

I have suffered with asthma for 28 years and I currently take Fostair twice a day.

I have private health care and the doctor I saw today didn’t listen to what I was saying, she basically called me a liar because I didn’t burp in the 20 mins I saw her.

I told her the burping isn’t bad if I don’t eat or drink. I also know if I get anxious my chest aches and the burping stops but I can’t cause myself to be in that kind of state all day. Other than that I don’t know how else to control it.

I can’t work in my office because I don’t want to burp in front of customers, she told me to do another job or not eat and drink at work. I told her I do 8 hour shifts if you counted the travel each day that would be 10 hours so that’s not possible.

The doctor asked me what I wanted and if I wanted a referral for surgery and I said no, I just want help and to know what’s happening and what I can do to ease it.

The doctor told me I should be grateful it’s not cancer, she told me to drink herbal tea but not everyday! She told me I’m not drinking enough then 10 mins later she said I’m drinking to much, she told me to take peppermint tablets.

In the end I just gave up. There was no point telling her what I have tried because she wasn’t interested in helping me and got annoyed when I asked questions. I did get frustrated with her too and she could see.

I really wasn’t expecting the answers she was giving me. I think I’m still in shock over our conversation.

Basically the burping is effecting my life, I burp everyday and I can have solid spells for hours at a time. A month ago I burped out loud in the supermarket and someone made a nasty comment which really made me feel uncomfortable but I couldn’t tell the doctor.

If anyone can give me advise, I would really appropriate it. I feel so alone with this problem.

If there is nothing that can be done apart from losing weight, I will accept that answer, I just want someone to be honest with me and after the treatment i recieved from the doctor today, I’m not sure if I believe anything she said.

I have tried peppermint capsules and I’m currently doing a FODMAP diet.

Apologises for a big essay and i really hope someone can help me. Kind regards
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The following article discusses surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for hiatal hernia:

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Thank you for your reply, I managed to find some groups on social media so I feel better.
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