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How do i find hernia surgeons with <1% recurrence & chronic pain rates? etc

Hi, I have an inguinal hernia, right side. I’ve done a lot of research online, & it’s looking like I’ll go for Lichtenstein or Open preperitoneal. Open preperitoneal maybe less pain; Lichtenstein maybe because easier to find an experienced surgeon. There’s a large variation in recurrence & chronic pain rates, but it appears possible to get <1% for both, from published papers. How does one find surgeons with those figures? I don’t see anybody quoting them online. [I live in Northern Ireland; UK or Ireland, even Europe, is ok].
How about long-term absorbable mesh, with long-term absorbable sutures or fibrin glue for fixing the mesh? I’m thinking that if I’m unlucky enough to get chronic pain, maybe it will go in ~3 years, as they dissolve.
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