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Hydrocele Hernia affects fertility? (Worried Guy)

Hello everybody, I'm so glad to find MedHelp and be a member.
here is my worries:
I had an un-descended testicle in my right side, and a hydrocele fluid build up in the other left side testicle which appears normal and in place. i don remember when this fluid builds maybe as a child. now i'm 25 and i have got married and my situation never bothered me before except some discomforts bearable. and i'm good in my sexual life. desire, erection etc.. but i'm worried this days it starts to feel hurt hours after having sex  and goes off after some time.
I read about hernia and  can it be the case? my scrotum feels a little harder and sometimes bigger. and can these affect my fertility. So worried...
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Hi, Understand your anxiety. Hydrocele is the collection of fluid and hernia is the protrusion of abdominal contents through an abnormal opening. Hernias are caused due to increased abdominal pressure like coughing, constipation or lifting heavy objects. You don't have to worry about fertility with a single testis as this produces millions of sperms and you can be fertile. As for the 'missing' testis it could have been halted in its progress down to the scrotum. The testis during development comes from the abdomen into the scrotum. If you cannot feel it in the scrotum then the 'gland' like swelling which you feel in the groin could be the missing testis.  This undescended testis is more prone for cancer and torsion (twisting). Hence, I would advise you to consult primary care physician for proper assessment. Regards.
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I also feel a lump a lil bigger than my testicles in my scrotum apart from my testicles, it hurts sometimes can it be hernia? Please i need reponses quickly
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