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Nausea 24/7 for months after hernia surgery

I had surgery months back (10/2015) to repair a hernia under my belly button as well as to close a small hole on the inner wall of my belly button. Now i dont have any pain, the incission looks like it healed properly but about 2-3 weeks after the surgery i started getting nauseated. It started out just when i was really hungry or over ate just a bit. It has gotten to the point now (the last 2 months) that no matter what i do i am nauseated. If i drink anything (even a sip, eat anything, dont eat anything, over exert myself, do nothing but sit) i am nauseated. When im hungry i kind of vomit every time.

I am going out of my mind and im tired of feeling so sick 24/7!

Anyone else? I need help!
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I am having the exact same issue and no one can seem to help me. Doctors are telling me I'm fine post CAT scan, but I'm simply not fine. I feel like Im dying, and every time I dry heave I have stabbing pain around my surgery location. I'm 4 months post op., did you ever figure yours out? Can anyone help? I'm desperate.
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I had a softball size inguinal hernia in August 17’....ended up having 2 that were close wrapping around my intestines which scared the hell out of me!! I’m no dr or even the medical fields but that doesn’t seem right at all fella. My girlfriend is a nurse and  gonna run this by her in the morning.
***@**** if you have any goofy questions to someone else but normal to you. I’ll try to answer the best I can.
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