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twisting abdominal pain be my stomach twisting in esoageal hernia?

For the last 1 1/2 years or more I have been experiencing what I thought to be a classic hernia. Brought on by cough, sneeze, pulling weeds, stomach crunches at the gym, straining during a bowel movement.....a sudden protrustion from my abdomen would appear, twisting painfully. Location always the same, just left by a couple inches and slightly above the belly button. The protrustion would hurt less and go away faster if I pushed on it.....as if I were holding it in. Sometimes an event could be more severe and painful than others.....making it almost impossible for me to get up off the floor to get help had i needed to.This is not caused by gas and I do not have any reflux issues. After dozens of these events I came to realize that if I just catered to the needs of the twisting organ    within me and stopped said behavior that created it,  it would go away as mysteriously as it arrived.  Many of my friends and family were also able to "feel" what we musingly called the alien within me. Originally I went to a dr who found nothing and basically I dropped the ball afterwards. Recently I decided to put an end to this "hernia" as I had decided it was. My GP couldn't find it, wasn't on on ultrasound or MRI, surgeon couldn't find it.....but with events happening every couple weeks I decided to go ahead with an exploratory look see and they would fix it when they saw it. They oddly found a IV paraesophageal hernia and fixed it. (glad it's fixed) but dr is saying that  this type of hernia would not have the rolling, twisting that I feel all the time on the outside of my body (that goes away after every event). I have seen on internet that some people suffer movement of their stomachs, could this be it? This has to be one and the same......can anyone offer me any thoughts? I want so much to feel like it's found, done and over. Donna .
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

If there is a protrusion of bowel or abdominal contents through the abdominal wall usually a ‘defect’ can be felt in the wall, through which the contents protrude. In the absence of which it is unlikely to be a hernia. Paraesophageal hernia, do not protrude out of the abdominal wall and cannot be felt externally. The movement of the stomach or stomach peristalsis can sometimes be seen in thin individuals. If you do not have any symptoms at present, you can wait and watch.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
I also get this when I lay back in bed or bath tub I get so scared to move but I feel like I should or something bad will happen
I also get this when I lay back in bed or bath tub I get so scared to move but I feel like I should or something bad will happen
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Was just researching what this exact thing could be and came across this page. I have been having exactly what you're describing and yesterday it was SO painful that if my neighbor had been home, I may have had her take me in to ER. I laid down and it finally went away.  It is a twisting of ??? something and protrudes where you can feel a lump when it is happening. It's been doing it off and on for over a year but the doctor didn't 'feel' anything when I went in for a regular appointment so, like you, I've tried to ignore it.

Has your problem stopped? Or have you figured out what was causing it? If I 'push' on the lump when it's twisting and hurting, it's a bit better most times... feels like something on the inside twisting. Hard to describe. Anyway, hope you're doing better. Thanks!
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I have had this on & off for 8 yrs! I had my gallbladder taken out BBC that's what the doctor thought it was.  That was n April & the twisting just started again this past few weeks.  3 times in 3 different places in my abdomen! I'm going to try going through doctors again!
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I have the same thing and can feel a rolling movement inside near the twisting (right above hip and rolling has now gotten worse, all the way up to rib). Mostly happens when I try to push a bowl movement. Has anyone figured this out yet? This is the only place I have found the same symptoms online.
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A hiatal hernia is when a portion of the stomach protrudes above the diaphragm. There are 2 types of hiatal hernia: sliding and paraesophageal. You would not be able feel either of these, as these hernias go upward not outward. The hernia you were able to feel was likely a ventral hernia. There are classified as supraumbilical (above belly button), umbilical (at belly button), or infraumbilical (below belly button). You probably had supraumbilcal since you said it was above belly button.
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