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Prior Cervical Fusion and now another Herniated Disc C3

Prior to this Injury, I had 2 ruptured C5/6 and C6/7 disc that I had surgery for (two synthetic disc and a titanium plate installed/Fusion).  

Diagnosis/Current Treatments:
Now with this present injury, the Dr. stated I have slight disc herniation of my C3 through MRI (Dr. automatically came out and said to me prior to getting an MRI, that he would not do surgery?), I have been out of work for almost 4 months now, I have had Physical therapy for 6 weeks and 2 epidural cortisone injections with no relief.  I have a demanding career as well.  The neuro also stated that if the 2nd epidural injection did not work or bring me up to 90% better then there was nothing else he could do? Anyone know if they can not do a second surgery in the same area of neck?

Pain management Dr. also noticed some arthritis around prior surgery and some bones spurs.  Dr.'s said that it's nothing just minimal.  

Symptoms that I am in, I have chronic pain, get a stabbing sensation at the bottom of my skull when I turn my head right or left, constant dull radiating pain that goes from the bottom of my skull/neck to my right shoulder and into my right arm/hand, I have numbness in my right ring and middle finger.  Can't sleep at nigh, I Wake up at night every hour due to arm numbing up. Headaches everyday, I also notice a popping/crunching noise in my neck when I move it up/down and left/right.  In can not sit in a chair or lean up against a headrest for long periods of time it will irritate my neck and speed up the pain that radiates down my neck and into my arm.  

I have been steadily researching this and I could fall under a couple of categories from Degenerative Disc Disease, Cervical Spondylosis, etc... I even brought up DDD to Dr. and he did not answer my question.  This also falls under worker's comp as well.  

Anyone out there that has gone through this or who may have a better understanding this my first time on any forum or blog, I finally wanted to get other peoples opinion.  Thank you for anyone that can advise me or give me any info.  
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hi ricks!  there is a back and neck community available here with many more people.  
Try posting in there.  You might get some morefeedback.
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