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, curious if you can get herpes and other stds in these ways?

Hi doctors and to all others , curious if you can get herpes or any other stds  if someone of unknown status kisses your cheek or kisses your hand or neck , not a very wet kiss but can feel saliva slightly

also curious if after they’ve applied lip gloss with there finger (they had a wisdom tooth extraction in the last week) and they touch a shaving cut that’s scabbed up with that finger if anything can be transmitted via from the possible blood or saliva  that ,

also if I kiss there arm neck or forehead or cheek can I catch anything ?

Thank you in advance always appreciate it
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Nothing can be spread by a kiss on the cheek, forehead or the hand or anywhere that isn't a mucous membrane. A quick kiss isn't going to transmit herpes on the thick skin of those locations.

Did they touch their own shaving cut? Someone else's? If it's their own, and they have oral herpes, they already have antibodies to prevent them from spreading it to other parts of their bodies. If it's someone else, herpes doesn't spread like that. It takes some friction, and the wisdom teeth have nothing to do with it. Herpes isn't found in blood or saliva.

Listen, a good portion of the population has hsv1 orally. I don't know if you have a phobia of herpes, STDs, or germs in general, but your parents likely have oral herpes, or your grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. 90% of those who have it have never had a cold sore. I don't say this to freak you out, but to educate you, and so you won't avoid kissing your loved ones forever. Have you ever been tested? If you can test and handle the results, then test. Ask for a type specific IgG blood test.

All other STDs require sexual contact of some sort to transmit. No STD can be transmitted by casual contact.

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I meant like a more intimate kiss on the cheek not a peck hello

They applied lip gloss to themselves and then touched my shaving cut which wasn’t completely open

So stds can’t be passed through any means of casual contact unless by some freak chance
Not even really by freak chance. Oral herpes is not considered an STD, though it can be transmitted to the genitals via oral sex. If it were that easy to transmit STDs, more people would have them. They are called "sexually transmitted" because it requires some kind of sexual transmission. :)
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