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Help I was diagnosed with HSV 1&2

I am very stressed! I was told yesterday that i was hsv 1 & 2 positive. I went to the DR because of a cold sore on the top of my mouth and i thought i had a yeast infection, i have had them before when i would have sex with my girlfreind and she had them. I would get irritated and it would go away a few days later. 3 weeks prior I had oral with a 1 night stand. My hsv 1 # was 38 and 2 #was 3.1. I am devastated 1 have no other symtoms other than a mildly sore throat. I wore a condom and have no other symtoms. What do i do next? It would seem to me that with numbers that high i dont doubt the hsv 1 reading but I am holding on to hope that that is all I have and the 2 needs to be tested again. If i had just contracted it 3 wks ago would i expect that the hsv 2 numbers would be higher? I asked the Dr what kind of test I was given and he said "blood" and didnt give me anything else to go by.

I also have no symptoms other than a sore throat and ulcer on the roof of my mouth.

Please help! My anxiety is through the roof!
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So you wore a condom and had oral sex only? If that's the case you didn't contract hsv2 from that encounter.
I performed oral on her.  Briefly but my throat  is burning. My toung is swolen. I was tested for everything else and all tests were negative. I have headaches and i have a sore in my mouth that the dr says is herpes. Could it be possible to get that way?  I have had symptoms like this before. No sores anywhere else on my body that i can tell. It has been about a month. I was tested 4 days ago.
Thank you for responding.
It is very unlikely to contract hsv from giving oral sex but it is posible. Have the sore swabbed asap. Do not let a dr diagnose hsv by sight alone.
What test is the most acurate that will tell me what i have with any certainty? I have read about the western blot but no one seems to offer it. Is there another
that i can ask for specifically? The sore in my mouth is nearly gone. It started 7 days ago tomorrow. Can i still have it swabbed?
Also i did do a blood test. Came back hsv1: 38.1 and hsv 2: 3.01. Is there any possibility that i do not have hsv 2?
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It's probably to late for a swab test. I would retest with an igg one more time. Anything less than a 3.5 is suspect for a false positive.
The westetn blot is the best confirmation test available but only offered at the university of Washington. You can cintact them and have them send you the kit.
Thank you for your time. It means alot right now.
I spoke to U of W today.  I have a telcon set up to speak to a councilor tomorrow afternoon. The one I spoke to today said i should wait a couple of weeks to take the igg test again. She said I should wait another 6 or 7 weeks to take the western blot.  She said the results couldnt be confirmed until then.  Did you feel depressed when you found out. (Sorry if i presumed) i am a wreck.
I went back to the dr today and got my test results.  It was an igg. I was thinking about going back for an igh to see if i can tell how long ive had this.

I meant igm test not igh.
Igm tests are useless for hsv. Not one std dr will recommend it. If your Dr recommended it tben he or she has no clue about hsv and testing. Follow what you were told by the u of w. They know what they're talking about.
I read a post from grace and i got concerned. I was holding on to hope that i could have a false positive for 2. She stated and it makes sense that the folks who post here are usually the ones who would be more likely to have a false positive and therefore a higher number of false positive and happier outcomes at the end. Something to the effect that people posting here have good reason not to believe the test. I am feeling like i was involved in a high risk situation and lost a little hope.
Can you contract 1 and 2 at the same time?
Is it possible? Yes but extremely unlikely.
I have just been trying to reconcile how it is that i have elevated hsv 1 probability on the IGG test and and a 3.1 for hsv 2? I have never had any symptoms until recently and i have a sore throat that is lasting for 8 days now.  I feel like something is wrong with me but i have no sores. I had one in the top of my mouth that healed up in less than a week.  Nothing down below?
I have a headache but cant tell if it is from the meds, stress or diflucan?
This doesn't sound like herpes. Sounds like you might be getting sick. The problem once diagnosed is everyth8ng will be herpes fault. Retest. It's clear you have hsv1. That's a no doubter. I do have some reservations on you having hsv2 though. You need to retest and possibly do the western blot after that. Depending on the results
Argh. I thought about juat ordering the western blot and getting it over with. Would my numbers change in a week with the igg?
Sure can. I've had many low positive numbers change to negatives. That being said the weatern blot is the best test there is for confirming hsv
I really apreciate your feedback. Thank you.
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