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I posted a question some time ago and have not received an answer.

I posted a question some time ago and never received a comment from anyone. I had a HerpeSelect test done and tested positive for BOTH HSV1 AND 2. However, I recently had a Western Blot test done and STILL tested positive for HSV1... but NEGATIVE for 2. I've had chicken pox when I was little. And remember getting canker sores ever since I was little. I've NEVER experienced sores around my mouth or genitals. Can HSV1 STILL cause genital sores? Would I need to still inform a prospective partner? Please respond. Thank you.
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I'm sorry we missed your question back in January.

Most experts believe that anything under a 3.5 on hsv2 needs to be confirmed, especially in the presence of an existing hsv1 infection, which is your case. It seems like you had a false positive hsv2 test. Your results were both below 3.5, and your western blot was negative, confirming that you don't have hsv2.

How did you get the WB?

If, as you said in your other post, you only received oral from the woman with hsv2, and had no genital to genital contact, you wouldn't be at risk for genital hsv2 from her. It's always possible that you had genital to genital contact with someone who didn't tell you, or didn't know you had it, but in any case, your WB test confirms that you don't.

Since you have hsv1, which statistically would be an oral infection, you might want to let your partners know that before giving them oral sex, at least. They may already have it - and this would be a great opening for the STD talk - and if they do, they can't get it again.

Best of luck to you, and I'm glad you posted again so we could help. :)
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Thank you SOOO MUCH for your response! I can remember getting canker sores since I was little. My grandmother would have me rinse my mouth out with warm water and salt.
I just started researching info on hsv and read that the U of W conduct these. Googled them. Called their number and explained everything to them. They put a package together for me,  sent it to me. Took it to my docto's office (they did not know WHAT this was. However,  they helped me out. HerpeSelect had me positive for both. Western Blot indicates hsv 1 positive and hsv 2 negative. Physcian's Assistant stated that I probably put something in my mouth when I was real little. I can live with that. HUGE WEIGHT OFF MY SHOULDERS!! SOOO HAPPY knowing I did not pass anything on to my late wife. Peace.
Canker sores inside the mouth aren't herpes. Oral herpes is cold sores, blisters on the mouth, most often. Most people - around 90% - never get any symptoms of it, so if you don't remember having any, you certainly aren't alone. Many people do get it as kids - either by putting a toy in their mouths, or an adult kissing them, etc. About half the adult population has oral hsv1, and by the time we're elderly, it's up to about 80%, and the vast majority have no idea how or when they got it.

I'm so happy you posted again so we could help ease your mind. :)

Best to you.
I've NEVER had cold sores. EVER. Hmm... I wonder then...
Well, as Emily said, 90% never get a cold sore even though they have hsv1.

I'm not sure what you're wondering about, but it is very possible - and likely - to have hsv1 without ever having cold sores.

Auntiejessie, do you think I could pass anything on through kissing only?
Yes, oral hsv1 is transmitted by kissing. It's a good possibility that's how you got it.

If you are concerned still about your late wife, chances are just as good that she got it during childhood as you did, so she may well have already had it, and you never knew.

If you are concerned for future partners, there is probably a 50/50 chance that a partner you meet now will have it. They can't get it again if they do.

We know that oral hsv1 sheds about 25% of days evaluated per year, and when it sheds, it is active on the skin but you have no symptoms. It's hard to know exactly if you can transmit at that time - it depends on how much virus is present, how much friction there is in the kiss, etc.

We also know that you can give someone genital hsv1 via oral sex, so letting your partners know prior to oral sex is a good idea.

If you are dating women in your age group, give or take, then chances are excellent that they've kissed plenty of people already who have it. Most probably won't be too shocked. I'm in your age group-ish, and I know I wouldn't be.
Sorry. ANOTHER QUESTION. I don't plan on giving oral at all. Does a canker sore need to be present to transmit? Or can it just transmit through a kiss with no canker sore?
Guess I just want to know if I really need to inform a prospective girl.
If oral is something you like to do, there is no reason to give it up because of this.

Canker sores are not herpes. Those are something entirely different, and are not infectious. Cold sores are herpes. Canker sores are IN the mouth, cold sores are on the lips.

https://www.medicinenet.com/canker_sores/article.htm#what_are_signs_and_symptoms_of_canker_sores - this has a pic of both about 1/4 of the way down the page.

You can transmit it by kissing even if a sore is not present. There is something called asymptomatic viral shedding, which means the virus is active on your mouth though you have no symptoms. This occurs about 25% of days per year, and we have no way of knowing when that is.

Some people choose to inform partners before kissing. Others feel like it's so common that they don't have to. That decision is up to you. I think it helps weed out people who aren't for me, and reactions can be very enlightening. Every person has the right to decline to be with anyone, for any reason or no reason, but how they handle that tells a lot.

I feel like you are buying into the stigma of having herpes. Don't let yourself do that. You have a virus - that's it, nothing more, nothing less.

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